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Eager To Learn To Use Your Computer More Efficiently?

Need a little help learning that new program or computer you just bought? Or perhaps just some guidance in getting to know the Windows  interface? We offer tutoring and training in-home, your office or at our Instructor's Residence. One or two hour sessions for one person. Learn in the comfort of your own home or office.

Whether you know absolutely nothing about personal computers or you are just looking to brush up on a few skills, individualized computer instruction can provide the help you need. For many years, people have learned to play instruments, sing, dance and act through one-on-one lessons. However, due to the high cost of qualified teachers, personal computer instruction has been available only in a classroom environment. This page describes the individualized personal computer Tutoring & Training programs offered by pcMedix.

In-home Professional & Patient Tutoring only $80 per hour - CALL US !
(2 hour minimum session)

Read on to see all the different things we can teach you ...

Popular Requests

These are some of the most requested things people want to learn:

  • Photoshop 4 thru 10 (+ ImageReady)
  • Internet Basics - email, search, etc.
  • Designing your own website
  • Microsoft Office (all versions)
  • Maintaining your Computer
  • All Office Suites (Corel, Works, etc.)
  • Internet Security & SpyWare Removal
  • Editing your Home Videos
  • Or, you can design your own list of questions you want answered by a Computer Guru !

Extensive List of What We Offer:

Tutoring and Training On Windows

Minimum two hour sessions for one person.  Learn in the comfort of your own home. 
$80 per hr. + transport fee (2 hour minimum)

Stop pulling your hair out! Stop cursing that computer! 
Simply pick up the nearest phone and give us a call today
We're ready and waiting to help you learn what & when YOU WANT.

We specialize in providing custom computer tutoring & training to our clients, including most common programs and all aspects of the Internet. Key reasons why clients choose our services:

  • We listen! It gives the client opportunity to express their needs and is used to establish expectations.

  • Items covered are identified as important to the client. Many create their own "to do" list for the session.

  • Information is conveyed in a professional manner and questions are answered with a genuine interest in being certain the client understands the explanation.

  • Short sessions avoid information overload. Usually  two to three hours.

  • Each client's computer understanding is recognized and is used as the basis for knowing how much hand-holding is needed to guide the client to the successful completion of their identified task.

  • The client's comfort is recognized as a key element in having a successful session. Holding the session in their home or business eliminates the need to have the client become familiar with a new environment. Sensitivity to client anxieties during the session keeps it progressing at a pace that keeps them comfortable.

 A partial listing of applications covered:

  • Windows in General (all versions)
  • The User Interface (GUI)
  • Windows Explorer
  • Microsoft Word & Office (all versions)
  • Microsoft Works
  • Internet Explorer
  • Internet Mail and News
  • Outlook Express
  • Eudora Lite and Pro
  • Quicken
  • Quickbooks
  • WinWay Resume
  • WinFax Pro
  • Simply Accounting
  • Microsoft FrontPage
  • mIRC Chat Client
  • Hot Java
  • Microsoft NetMeeting
  • 128 Bit Privacy-Encryption
  • Dial-Up Networking
  • ICQ
  • Fractal Design
  • Paint Shop Pro
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • AutoCAD
  • Netscape Navigator
  • Norton Utilities & Systemworks
  • Norton Internet FastFind
  • Norton AntiVirus
  • Backup Utilities
  • WS_FTP - FTP Client
  • Adobe PageMaker
  • Opera 3.60 & Lynx

And many others. If you don't see a particular program listed, give us a call for more info.

Computer Skills Training

Customized Training Material

  • Small Group Training and One-On-One Tutoring
  • Windows Basics
  • Microsoft Office, Works, and Publisher
  • FrontPage 98/2000 and Photoshop 4-6
  • Various Other Software Applications

The Internet

  • Description and Uses
  • Telephony Basics and Connecting
  • Business on the Web
  • Advanced Concepts

One on One Tutoring

pcMedix can help make your computer frustrations disappear. With our One on One instruction, you will be able to concentrate more on getting the work done rather than asking yourself ... How do I ...?? or Can I ...??
One on One tutoring is available at your home or place of business or at Gord's residence for all local area residents.

No Prerequisite & No Required # of Classes

You! decide what you would like to learn and how many sessions that you will need. All your questions will be answered on the spot!

How are the lessons conducted?

One student, one instructor, one computer! Each lesson lasts for 60 minutes. A state-of-the-art IBM compatible personal computer is provided for "hands-on" instruction at Gord's residence. You decide how many lessons you want, how often you want them and what topics will be discussed. Certificates of achievement will be awarded to recognize progress.

How does this differ from classroom instruction?

We cover topics to the level of detail that you desire, spending as much time as necessary on areas that you find interesting or confusing. You learn at your own pace, not at that of the instructor or other students in a class. There is no "wasted" time covering subjects that are not in your particular area of interest. Also, you don't have to be afraid of asking a "stupid" question in front of other students.

What is being taught?

If you have a special area of interest, we can tailor lessons to cover your particular needs. In addition, you can choose from the following topics:

  • How to buy a Personal or Business Computer
  • Everyday Uses for Personal Computers
  • Accessing the Information Superhighway (Internet)
  • Creating Your Own World Wide Web Page
  • Microsoft Windows 9x/ME/2000/XP (or 3.1)
  • Word Processing (Microsoft Word/WordPerfect)
  • Spreadsheet Applications (Microsoft Excel/Lotus)
  • Data Base Systems (Microsoft Access, dBase)
  • Professional Presentations (Microsoft PowerPoint)
  • Microsoft Office (all versions) (Standard and Professional)
  • Microsoft Works (all versions) (Word Processor/Spreadsheet/DB)

Where and when are the lessons conducted?

Sessions can be conducted in your home or place of business or at Gord's residence.
Evening and weekend appointments are also available to accommodate any schedule.

For training/tutoring conducted at your home or office, travel time will also be charged
-- see rates at page bottom ...

What hardware and software do I need to get started?

None! If you don't have a computer yet, you may take your training at Gord's residence. You will practice on a personal computer during your sessions, so there is no need to have your own computer before you enroll. In fact, you may wish to take a few lessons before buying your own hardware or software. This will give you a chance to discover just what a personal computer can do for you and which software is right for your needs.

Who should take our Training & Tutoring?

  • Business owners, entrepreneurs, managers or anyone who needs to use personal computers and wants to understand them better.
  • Professionals who want to get better utilization from personal computers that they already use.
  • Housewives who are looking for a skill base on which to re-enter the work force.
  • Students who may need to use personal computers to assist with their schoolwork.
  • Children with an interest in computers.
  • Anybody with an interest in learning more about the power and practical use of personal computers.

What are the qualifications of the instructor?

Gord Routley is the founder of pcMedix and is our primary instructor. 
Other Instructors are available for Special Projects - just call us.

How long does it take to become proficient?

That depends on what topics you study, how extensive your computer knowledge is already, how quickly you learn and many other factors. The beauty of individualized instruction is that you make progress at the pace that's exactly right for you!
Most people show significant progress after two or three lessons. Without any prior experience, you can expect to be able to use software packages such as a word processor or spreadsheet with confidence after an average of five sessions.

How does the cost compare to classroom instruction?


The cost per 60 minute lesson at your home or office is just $20.00!
There is no contract to sign nor minimum number of sessions required.

Packages ONLY $80 per hour - CALL US !

How do I register for instruction?

Telephone Gord at pcMedix Tutoring at (604)791-9728 to register.

for further details.

pcMedix computer tutoring & training will increase your knowledge and comfort level using your computer. With comprehensive training, you will be able to finish complex projects quickly and easily. Quality computer tutoring will not only boost your personal productivity, but it will increase your skills and confidence in using the computer. We make it easy to learn more about your computer with high-quality computer training for your PC. Tutoring sessions are held days and evenings, Monday thru Saturday for beginners and intermediate users.

  • Do you want continuous access to the latest news or financial data?
  • Want to harness the Internet for business?
  • Doing personal research or maybe even for a school paper?
  • Or would you like to just relax at your computer and surf the Internet?
  • Don't spend another day fighting your computer…

Our goal is to lead and teach people through the basic functions of the Internet, and show them one-on-one how to e-mail, "surf" the web, search for interesting sites, and much more. The Internet is a worldwide network of computers and consists primarily of four parts: e-mail, news groups, file sharing and the World Wide Web. This session will provide hands on experience Using Microsoft Internet Explorer and/or Netscape Navigator or AOL, Setting up your own Net Watcher, Internet Searching, Doing Searches from your last Search, Sending E-mail, Sending and Receiving Files, Setting up Multiple E-mail Accounts, Using News Groups, Participating with others on the Internet, and much more…

NOTE: Home or Business Clients must have access to the Internet with a local ISP
(Internet Service Provider) and connection must be working.

Sample Courses:

Internet Fundamentals 101

This course  is for new Internet users. Those of us who have never had any experience with e-mail, or browsers. And thought surfing was something we did at the beach! With the ever changing and expanding importance of the Internet, knowledge is everything.

Intro to the web: Introduction to browsing, establishing a connection, browse the web, access documents by URL's, use bookmarks, hotlinks and history, customize preferences. Searching and retrieving: navigate through Gopherspace, use Veronica, access FTP sites, and download a file. Electronic mail: send electronic mail, respond to electronic mail, create a signature file, and configure electronic mail.

Newsgroups and power use: configure browser for newsgroups, subscribe to a newsgroup,
post a message to newsgroup, and configure helper applications.

Internet Explorer/Firefox/Google Chrome

Internet explorer browser: browse your PC, explore Internet Explorer, browse the web, use history and favourites. Outlook Express: configure outlook express, create a signature and business card, use the address book, work with e-mail, send an HTML document and attach files, explore newsgroups. NetMeeting: channels, active desktops, configure NetMeeting, explore NetMeeting, create an active desktop, and explore channels.

Internet Business 101

This course is designed for new and average Internet users who wish to expand their business or start a new business on the Internet.

This course will lead you through the basic functions of the internet and advertising, and show you, One-On-One how to promote your business using, search engines, links, and how to get FREE advertising, and much more…

Group Training

For some companies, individual tutoring is just not appropriate. For example, you may have just purchased a new word processor and need to educated everyone in your company.

To satisfy this need, we can also conduct group training for any number of people at the same time. The classes can be held at your office or at our training facility.

You can choose from standard training classes, such as:

  • How to buy a Personal or Business Computer
  • Everyday Uses for Personal Computers
  • Accessing the Information Superhighway (Internet)
  • Creating Your Own World Wide Web Page
  • Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, XP, 95 & 98 (or 3.1)
  • Word Processing (Microsoft Word/WordPerfect)
  • Spreadsheet Applications (Microsoft Excel/Lotus)
  • Data Base Systems (Microsoft Access, dBase)
  • Professional Presentations (Microsoft PowerPoint)
  • Microsoft Office (Standard and Professional)
  • Microsoft Works (Word Processor/Spreadsheet/DB)

At your option, we can customize a class and make it specific to your particular software and your particular business. If necessary, we will build a completely new training session tailored to your specific needs! Just let us know what you want!

Complete Professional Private or Group Training Modules

Novell Netware
Win9x/ME Networks
MS Works
Word Perfect
Corel Office
Win 3.x
HTML Programming
C Programs
Basic Programming
Web Developer
Adobe Acrobat
Microsoft Office Products
Office for Windows
MS Office & Office Professional
MS FrontPage
MS Word
MS Excel
MS PowerPoint
MS Access
MS Outlook
Internet Explorer
MS Publisher
MS Scheduler
Outlook Express
Front Page Express
Microsoft Imaging
Microsoft Mail
Windows (all versions), Windows NT & Novell NetWare

For more information, call Gord at (604)791-9728.
You can also your comments or questions.

We serve the Following Communities and areas:

  • Local Service Area: ($10.00 travel fee each visit) Chilliwack & Sardis.
  • Central Service Area: ($15.00 travel fee each visit) Cultus Lake, Yarrow & Agassiz.
  • Greater Service Area: ($25.00 travel fee for each visit) Abbotsford & Hope

Payment Policy ...

Cheques accepted from known Clients.
We accept credit cards through PayPal only.
Large jobs require a deposit.

We Make House Calls ...

Computer got you down? Error messages? Device conflicts? No support from Tech Support? Relax! Solving problems is what we do best. We'll even come to your home or office, saving you the hassle of dragging it to the shop. 

Custom Built Computers ...

pcMedix can custom-build a computer to specifically meet your needs.
Repairs - Installations - Upgrades - Memory - Video Cards - Sound Cards - Modems - Hard Drives - CD ROM Drives - Floppy Drives - Scanners - Printers - Network Hardware - Software Installations - Web Site Design - Web Site Development - Web Site Promotion - Communications - and more !

Consulting ...

Finding the best software and/or hardware solutions for your particular needs is our goal.
pcMedix qualified professionals are available to serve your every computer need!

Give Gord a call at (604)791-9728 Now!

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