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Just Updated! RegSupreme Just Updated!
(formerly called RegCleaner)

With RegSupreme, you can easily remove obsolete registry entries from software that you may have deleted ages ago ...


A super fast, lightweight standalone registry cleaner (contains only the registry cleaning engine from jv16 PowerTools). RegSupreme is the superior standalone, ultra fast and lightweight registry cleaner. With its brand new technology registry cleaning engine the RegSupreme represents a new generation of Windows registry cleaners. Of course, don't just believe us, try it yourself and we are sure you will be amazed by RegSupreme's speed and performance!

Key features

  • Clean your computer's registry with one of the most advanced registry cleaner available today
  • Very easy to use, no knowledge of the registry is required
  • Automatically tries to fix the found problems
  • Multi-lingual user interface, you can use the program in all the major languages but also to translate it to your own language very easily
  • Automatic backup feature backups everything the program removes or modifies
  • Comes with a full documentation

What does RegSupreme do?

RegSupreme deletes registry entries. You can delete DLLs with the Shared DLLs feature, and shortcut files with the Start-up feature. You don't even have to know what the registry actually is to be able to use RegSupreme.

Why should I use RegSupreme?

You should use RegSupreme because it's a good idea to keep the registry as clean as possible. Here are some examples to help you understand how RegSupreme can truly help you:

  • Say you've accidentally destroyed a nice shareware program what has a 30-day trial period. Later on, when you notice that it's been destroyed, you try reinstalling it, only to find out that you can't, because the program thinks that you're just trying to get another 30 days. If you first remove the program's registry entries, however, you may very well be able to reinstall the software and recover your trial period again.
  • You've found that your favourite program is an older version, and you want to download the latest whiz-bang version. The program, however, doesn't provide any uninstall utility, so you simply destroy its files and cross your fingers. But, as fate would have it, when you try to install the latest version, you see a dialog box such as this: "Please uninstall the old version of this program before attempting to run this installation." Great, now what?
  • Hang on; you simply remove the old program's registry entries with RegSupreme! Now you can continue installing the newer program version that you wanted to have originally (I'm using the word "programs", but most of these examples will apply equally to games and other software as well).

NOTE: We recommend you backup your registry BEFORE using RegSupreme!

Please notice:

Download RegSupreme if you just want to control your Registry. If you want total control of your computer, download jv16 PowerTools which also contains RegClean.



Main Window
Backup Tool

Downloads ...

FileVersionOS SupportSize
RegSupreme Free Trial1.1Win95, 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, NT4, Vista, Win 7602 KB
RegClean - Original Free Version1.0 (no support)Win95, 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, NT4781 KB

>> Click Here To Download RegSupreme Free Trial<<
>> Click Here To Download Original Free RegCleaner <<

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