Using Testimonials To Create Traffic to Your Web Sites

Most good sales pages for internet marketing products, services or programs have testimonials. Everyone has seen them and many of the people in the testimonials have become familiar faces to those who are into the internet marketing industry.

The marketers who we see more often are the successful marketers who are making tons of money. Aren't they? Maybe or maybe not, but one thing is clear;

It is a good marketing strategy to get yourself onto these sales pages.

So are these frequent appearances by some in internet marketing the result of being successful or are they successful because they have been on so many testimonials?

Obviously most of these marketers have been successful and that is why they are often on the testimonial page. But I believe that being in these testimonials is a huge plus for any internet marketer or web site owner, including the new ones.

If you have a chance to get a testimonial online for one of these companies do it. Plus, put as much information as you can about your business, blog or website. As much as they will allow. If you can have a link, that is great.

By having a testimonial that is on a website that is duplicated and shown by potentially thousands of people you are getting free publicity and perhaps free advertising and traffic for your website. Even if you don't have a link in the testimonial you will benefit. A few weeks ago I was doing a search on my name to see if I can find some web sites that have picked up my articles. I was surprised to find a testimonial I did for a company I liked.

Here is the testimonial for Better Universe: ( Not my link.)

Click here

Then I had an opportunity to do another testimonial for a new company and I did that one also. I just told why I liked this company and encouraged people to take a good look. I even did an audio and gave them a photo. Then I added my link. This testimonial page will probably be seen by thousands and my link will be also. I chose my blog link because that ties all my businesses together.

Here is that testimonial for TVCoOp. (Not my link.)

Click here

These testimonials are very sincere in what I say.

Don't do testimonials unless you believe in what you are saying.

So I get more direct traffic from people clicking on the link to my blog and I also get more traffic because the search engines will see the link all over the place. Coming from many uniques.

The inexperienced marketer can also get a testimonial put on these companies. It has to be when they are young though. If you join a new company and they don't have a testimonial page ask them if they would like a testimonial from you. Sometimes they will send out an email asking for testimonials from their members. Jump on this opportunity and do a good testimonial.

It couldn't hurt and just may get you a lot of free traffic.

Tim Phelan has been a full time internet marketer since mid 2004.

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