Are You A Network Marketing Professional? Or, Are You An Amateur?

Do you look like a professional Network Marketer? Do You Talk like a professional Network Marketer? Do you write like a professional Network Marketer?

Do your marketing results show you to be a Network Marketing professional? And, most importantly, does your team see you as a professional? Or, are you viewed by them as an amateur?

You know, when I went to school they never taught us about professionalism. And, from what I hear, it is no different today.

As a result, society has gone to lower standards, and a mediocre life style is accepted. That's why so many people perform like amateurs and maintain a "just getting by" way of life.

So, which are you? "Are You A Network Marketing Professional, Or?.. Are You An Amateur?"

Below are 12 points to assist you in answering that very important question.

> A professional Network Marketer learns everything there is to learn about Network Marketing.

An amateur will spend time going around this, at every opportunity.

> A professional Network Marketer is able to discern the needs and wants of his/her team.

An amateur just assumes what his/her team needs and wants.

> A professional Network Marketer looks like a professional, talks like a professional, and dresses like a professional.

An amateur is lackadaisical in these areas.

>A professional Network Marketer is "Laser-Focused" and has a clear understanding of his/her "Why."

An amateur is not "Laser-Focused," is distracted, and is not clear on his/her direction.

> A professional Network Marketer learns from mistakes and uses them as stepping stones to a higher level of success.

An amateur will ignore or try and hide his/her mistakes.

> A professional Network Marketer will tackle things that may be difficult ? things he/she really don't like to do.

An amateur will expend a lot of energy just to avoid these things.

> A professional Network Marketer will finish what he starts.

An amateur will just let things pile up, never really finishing anything.

> A professional Network Marketer is always positive and optimistic.

An amateur allows negativity to maintain prominence in his/her life.

> A professional Network Marketer is always ready to assist when problems arise.

An amateur will avoid others who have problems.

> A professional Network Marketer is always cheerful and enthusiastic.

An amateur is usually full of fear and insecurities.

> A professional Network Marketer never gives up.

An amateur gives up at the first sign of a struggle or a little adversity.

> A professional always over delivers.

An amateur does only what is necessary to survive.

So, which one are you...A Network Marketing 'Professional,' Or, A Network Marketing 'Amateur?'

"Assisting People To Success ? One Heart At A Time!" (SM)

Lou Everett, Sr.

Copyright 2005, Lou Everett, Sr.

Lou Everett, Sr. is a down in the trenches coach with 42 years of Network Marketing experience and 60 plus years of Life experience. Lou has built large Networking Organzations, so he knows how to market, and he knows how to live. Lou's life experiences have made him a well rounded individual that people listen to. Lou has coached many to success. Please take advantage of his articles here, and of those in his Blog at:

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