Network Marketings Best Kept Secret May Be Costing You a Fortune

The words, "I quit..." have never been more costly.

Network marketers hear "I quit" all too often from distributors they have sponsored. However, if those new distributors only knew the thousands of dollars they were throwing away, they would never quit. Here's Why?

The moment your prospect enrolls in your program, they may be eligible for an instant $300 or more pay increase from their place of employment.

And the best part is-This money can be in their hands starting with their next paycheck! Think about what that could mean as an incentive to boost your program.

How is this possible?

The U.S. government as TWO income tax systems, and most taxpayers are in the wrong one?

There is one tax system for employees that includes most working Americans, and a very different, much better tax system for business owners.

Employees, called W-2 Wage Earners, work for someone else. There are very few tax deductions available to wage earners, and hence, they pay a large percentage of their income as a tax to the government. Conversely, business owners get to deduct (write-off) just about everything from apples to zippers, and pets to donuts.

When payday comes, employees immediately lose a large chunk of their wages to income tax withholding. Business owners, on the other hand, get to keep what they earn, spending it on whatever they want or need to, and then pay taxes only on whatever is left over. Said another way, business owners buy things with BEFORE-tax dollars. Employees buy things with AFTER-tax dollars.

By signing a Distributor Agreement form in your program (or enrolling to be eligible for commissions) with the intent to make a profit, your prospect becomes a business owner. Business owners are authorized by the U.S. Congress to receive immediate tax benefits (tax deductions).

This tax benefit is huge. On average, a home-based NWM business owner can cut their tax liability by $5,000 to $10,000 or more per year.

Here are just a few tax deduction you may claim as a NWM home-based business owner.

As a home-based business owner, you may be eligible to deduct 100% of all medical, dental, optical bills, health insurance premiums and deductibles your family pays on your annual IRS 1040 tax form.

You can deduct up to $4,250 for every child in your family and spouse as employees of your business. Why? If they carry out the trash, if they wash the car, if they dust your home business work place, the IRS considers them employees of your business.

You can deduct $5,250 a year in educational expenses for every child over 21, deduct 100% of pension plan expenses, and much, much more.

The home-based business owner can deduct virtually every expense the business incurs. Of course, that includes equipment, employee costs, utilities, loan interest, insurance, security systems and medical costs. But it also includes vehicles, travel expenses, entertainment, magazine subscriptions, even the coffee in the kitchen, and those are only a few of the deductions the business owner can take. Taxpayers without a business do not have these benefits.

Give Yourself An Immediate Pay Increase

As a home-based business owner, you and/or your spouse may adjust your W-4 exemptions at your place of employment, and immediately take home up to $500 or more per month that is now being withheld. That translates into one BIG pay increase with money you can spend or invest now!

If you had triplets, you would go to your employer and change your W-4, tapping into hundreds of dollars. The same goes for your home business. The day you opened your home business you tapped into potentially thousands of dollars in deductions, enabling you to raise the number of exemptions on your W-4. Your take home pay goes up by hundreds of dollars (even if you didn't have triplets). And the best is that you do NOT need to show a profit in your business to claim more exemptions, only the INTENT to make a profit.

W-4 forms exist for one purpose-to claim withholding exemp- tions. This form may be amended at any time, any number of times, without penalty. The more exemptions you claim, the greater your take-home pay will be.

What could you do with an extra $300 per month?

You could use that extra $300 to buy products needed to qualify for commissions in your NWM venture. You could afford to advertise your business, set up an online marketing system and much more.

You also now have a way to help your prospects fund their NWM business, thereby removing the "I can't afford it" objection right off the table.

Take action. You could be bringing home hundreds of dollars more per month in your paycheck that are now going to Uncle Sam.

Many taxpayers have taken on part-time jobs to make up this loss. How much more productive could we be to ourselves if we learned how to keep what we earn? Surely it is worth a few minutes a day to document business expenses to keep our money.

The difference between being able to deduct business expenses and not having a home-based business is many times the difference between having to take another job and staying at home. You decide which is more taxing.

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Jim Lynn is the author of, "Real World Secrets Behind America's Most Successful (And Profitable) People Who Network." Website:

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