MLM Professional as a Freedom Fighter

"I am a freedom fighter. All of us in the MLM industry are freedom fighters." Profound words from Professor Vasupal, an acknowledged MLM leader, who in my view is unarguably the most successful Network Marketing Leader and a top earner in these parts of the world.

While driving back home I kept thinking of these words as they had a magical impact on me. I never imagined an MLM or Network Marketing professional could be called a freedom fighter. But when you really look at the profile of an MLM person, the description of a freedom fighter fits him like no other description can.

We all are fighting one of the major tyrannies in the world. The tyranny of poverty. is the primary target of any network marketer. Not only for himself but for hundreds of others who are part of the team of any independent networker because in this system of enterprise, your success is intricately linked to success of your team and down-line members.

All network marketers are also establishing one of the best and most democratic free enterprise system in the world. This is the only system in the world where, the opportunity is equal for every one irrespective of nationality, education, skills, religion, and gender. A free enterprise system where there are no barriers to entry except that you must be an adult.

Here too is a global community which is free from any kind of political, ethnic, geographic, gender or cultural bias and truly integrated citizens of the world. The only requirement to be part of this amazing democratic enterprise system is honesty, persistence, vision, and a burning desire to help everyone succeed.

Can there be a better world. Could there be a higher cause than to fight for the economic freedom of the entire world? There is no bigger liberation than economic liberation which will definitely impact and create a more peaceful world.

Copyright of R.G. Srinivasan

Srinivasan is a Management professional, Writer and Author. You can view his home-business resources blog at for online marketing tips, resources, opportunities and online promotional strategies

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