Network Marketing Tips: Celebrate Your Failures - Every Failure Is A Step Closer To Success

Dear friend, have you been trying and failing in every business opportunities that you have tried? Have you bought so many ebooks and still get nowhere...perhaps you have invested and lost money in many ventures, well i have a quote for you from the author of 'Think and Grow Rich'. He said..

"A man is not whipped until he quits in his own mind"

So you are not finished till you quit. Every failure is a step closer to success. Thomas Edison, the famous inventor tried over 10,000 times before he finally got his desire, the electric bulb. 10,000 failures!! What a great man he was, because he knew that...Quiters Never Win.

Why did i say you should celebrate your failures? Well, if you look around you, 90% of the people don't fail anymore which also means they never succeed.

These people have given up their future to their bosses and the government to help them with salaries and pention.

They have the so called 'job security' so they don't take any risk. They move up the corporate ladder one step at a time till they retire. They never fail because they don't take risks.

"Successful people do what unsuccessful people won't do"

You are planning to shape your financial future. You want to have more control over your life, you want to decide your income, when to go on holidays and what to do with your free time. You take business risks, you invest in opportunities, you work hard and so on.

None of those might be paying off now but if you quit looking then you are whipped. Have you heard the story of the guy that stopped 3 feet from the vein of gold because he could not be bothered to dig anymore?

Don't quit now. Keep going. When you initially started looking for opportunities you know you can do it but maybe now the self confidence is wearing out. I suggest you make an analysis of yourself to know what business is best for you. Don't be distrcted by other's resutls. If someone is making millions the easy way in a business, it does not mean you'll have the same result doing same business.

You must fall in love with what you do. Heart connection is important. Find something that sets you on fire. Find something that involves your passion. Passion first, then money will come.

Every successful people were faced with temporary defeat but they never quit. Keep going, and don't quit.

I leave you with last quote from Henry Ford, he said...

"If you think you can or you think you can't, you are absolutely right."

See you at the top.

Oh! by the way, the best way to get very very rich in this new century is through network marketing business. So to avoid many unneccessary failures check out what MLM has got to offer you.

Aliyu Odumosu

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