MLM Success - For MLM Success, Its ALL About VALUE in Network Marketing

There is ONE Word in Network Marketing that prospects seem to be glued to when they are listening to a presentation, or even an approach about anything. It is the standard that all prospects measure anything they are looking at... and they are considering purchasing...

The word is VALUE.

Remember this Success Formula...

"No VALUE = No Volume."

Volume will RARELY if EVER precede Value, and if it does, most of the time, it will not work out long term. Value is a part of our culture, and we must show value to the prospect in our Company, Products, and Comp Plan.

No Value... No Volume baby.

Let me ask you a question: Would you buy a house that you saw no value in?

How about a car?

How about a thousand dollar suit?

Would you even buy a pair of shoes that you saw no value in?

I didn't think so!

Neither would I.

And no one is going to be recruited or buy an MLM product that they see no value in for their life and future. It's ALL about Value.

People want to know what's in it for them. They want to know there is value for their lifestyle. Value in the Company, Products, and Value in YOU.

Give the prospect REASONS and BENEFITS to enroll in your Network Marketing company, or buy your product. What does your products do that bring Value to a person? What does your Business have that will bring Value to a person? What do YOU have that will bring value to working with you?

Remember: No Value... No Volume.

NO Exceptions.


Doug Firebaugh
PassionFire Intl
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