MLM Success - You MUST Know What the CORE of MLM Success Is

What is a CORE?

It is the VERY Heart of something. The VERY Center. The VERY Essence of something.

You have a Core. It is called the Heart. And within the Core of your heart lies Life itself, because if your heart stops beating, you are dead.

Most of the time, when the Core of something is inoperable, then the very thing itself ceases to function and thrive.

It is the same with this business. What is at the very CORE of our Network Marketing business, makes it go, makes it thrive, and makes it IGNITE!!!!!

And if you let the CORE of this business go unused and inactive, so your business will become.

That is how a Nuclear Core operates... if the Core is not tapped into and used, it's Power is useless for the most part, as it is not operating on full capacity.

Many people in MLM never operate on full capacity

Full capacity means "Full Throttle". And at the Most it can be.

Is that how you are working your business?

What does CORE stand for?

"Consistency Of RELENTLESS Effort."

And that is at the core of MLM. You MUST be very consistent as that is what your business is driven by, and must be relentless as well.

You know what relentless really is?

Consistency on heavy duty SUCCESS STEROIDS!

Be relentless at your efforts and your actions, as without action... nothing happens. And without consistency, nothing short term happens.

Without being relentless. nothing long term happens. And you need to be Long Term Focused!!


Doug Firebaugh
(c) 2005/ all rights reserved
PassionFire Intl

Doug Firebaugh is one of the Top MLM Trainers, Speakers, and Authors in the world. He spent 13 years fulltime in MLM, and the last 7 years has spent it traveling the globe speaking. He lives in Birmingham , Michigan, and you can receive s FREE subscription to the PF HEAT Training Letter- at The PF HEAT is read by over a million people a month.

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