How I Made Network Marketing Work For Me

So you have been sold the dream. Your friend has come to you,

"Hey (put your own name here) I am so excited, I have just joined this new business and it is so good, you can earn thousands, my upline is a millionaire. You can have that new car, house, boat, help your children, grand children, travel.........................."

You know what I mean; you have heard something like this. That is when your buried dreams came alive again. Maybe this is the one, you say to your self.

Then the clincher, your friend tells you, "to be successful in this business you only need to sign up two people."

Two people, how hard can that be. You know two people interested in making some more money. Jo is always talking about what he would do if only he had some more money.

So you sign up for the two or three hundred dollars of products a month that you are required to buy to remain active. Certainly nothing wrong with the products you say to yourself as you have read that that most reputable network marketing companies have excellent, cutting edge products.

You write your 100-name list. And Jo is on top. So you approach Jo, using the same words that your sponsor has taught you.

Joe hardly listens-" You haven't joined one of those schemes-you will never make any money, are they illegal?" he interrupts.

Wounded, you slink away to ponder what went wrong. Your sponsor had told you that some people would reject your message.

But Jo rejecting you, ouch, that really hurt. Never mind, you pick your-self up and approach the next person on your list. And you get the same result. And the same for the six or so that you approach in that first month of having a network marketing business.

You understand that they are not rejecting you, just what you are offering, at least that is what your sponsor told you.

But it certainly feels like they are rejecting you personally.

In the next month you talk to less people and by month three or four, well you are kidding your self that you still have a network marketing business. By month six or seven, maybe earlier, you are telling your sponsor, (if he or she is still there to tell), "yes, some people make money from network marketing but it is not for me".

What went wrong? Is this the outcome for everyone?

In most other conventional business, you want people to buy your product or service, not to buy a business.

Often, when you approach your friends or relatives with this business idea, they are resistive, don't listen to what you are saying and reject your message.

So the rejection does often feel personal (these are your family and friends after all).

Some people are successful using this approach and they are in the company's literature, but unfortunately, they are not the majority of people who join a network marketing business.

The message is correct though; due to the leveraging effect of this business model, many people do make excellent residual incomes with network marketing. And most companies have products that are not available anywhere else.

How do you overcome this? It is easy when you know how.

Many network marketing company's products are excellent cutting edge products.

So approach your family and friends with the product lines, Ask them in your own words something like, " I have just started a new business and I would really appreciate it if you would buy some products to help me to get started." Most people are happy to help and when they experience the value in the products, continue to consume them long after you are successful in this business.

Step one then is to sell products to your family and friends. That's the only selling of the company products that you need to do.

Step two is having a business like approach. To sell your business opportunity, don't contact your family and friends, market this like any other business and advertise, on the Internet, in papers, in magazines and flyers. Be professional.

Step three is thinking International and working local. This business is legal in most countries in the world and needs an approach that reflects that-this means the Internet.

Step four is having a system that takes all the rejection for you. This is the key. If you are not being personally rejected then you can continue even when like all business, at times things are not going as well as you would like.

I know that this works. This story could be mine as it could be so many other people. I belonged to network marketing company with excellent products but I tried to market the business to everyone in a three-foot radius as I had been taught. After more than few rejections I had some success but not enough and by this time my up-line had given up.

I considered my options. Fortunately for me at the same time I read an article about this brilliant Internet based system that enabled prospects around the world to receive all the information that they required to make an informed decision from their computer. I had never seen anything like it before.

I did some research into the company, the team, the exclusive, patented products and, they all passed.

This is brilliant stuff. Instead of hoping people may be interested in being my business partners, I now had interested prospects from around the world appearing in my email in-box. With a phone call and a click of the mouse, I was giving them quality information, slowly opening their eyes to the opportunities in a network marketing business.

So they didn't reject me. And the funny thing is, that with my new ability to send out information in a timely and confident manner-less people rejected what they were reading anyway.

Do all prospects join me in this business? Of course not. But those that don't, well my Internet system tells me how to reject them. And those that do-they get the same brilliant Internet based system that I was given.

So if you still believe in network marketing but are looking for a new way to do business-get in touch. Maybe your dream can be kept alive after all.

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