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How to Communicate with Prospects All Over the World Who Speak a Different Language

I discovered a free service online, that allows me to communicate with people and watched my international sales begin to go through the roof. Did you know that over 50% of all Internet traffic is from non-English speaking countries? Companies like Adobe, Baxter Healthcare, EDS, GE, Microsoft, NetGear, PepsiCo, Socratic Technologies, US Government, are relying on this type of service already to get more done, with no language barriers.

5 Secrets to Building a Successful Internet Business

Everyday I talk with people who want to get started on the internet with their own business. But the whole process seems a mystery to them whether they have an affiliate marketing program, a real estate course or they sell health and fitness products. The easiest way I found to walk people through the basic building blocks is to use a real life example of building a brick and mortar business. Success on the internet is possible when you know how to build it and drive targeted traffic to your website.

How To Produce The PERFECT Viral Ebook

Viral marketing is probably the number one method for generating traffic and sales - IF it is set up properly.

Niche Marketing: Broker Your Way To Profits

If you haven't started your own niche business yet because you haven't got a product, here's a business where you don't need one - Joint Venture Brokerage.

What is the Flavor of Your Website?

When I mention, ?flavor?, I mean the appeal of the products or services, a company offers, to your basic senses, ( taste, touch, feel, sight, etc.). But, allow me to extend this even further and talk about company appeal as well, for example company ?culture?. Let?s get less broad and bring this to you and me. What is our ?appeal? to the public? Do we present a good image, (?flavor?) to the public? Are people impressed with the products and services we offer? Are they presented in a professional manner? This analysis could be applied to email, websites, ads, for that matter, anything the public ?sees? with our name on it. In previous articles, we discussed BRANDING your company. Included in this process would be BRANDING your image as well. So, when I mention Wendy?s, for example I see DAVE, the friendly guy who cares about selling good products. When I mention McDonald?s I see RONALD, the clown appealing to children. What does this have to do with the product? Absolutely nothing. It was a masterful way of BRANDING a company. Since they both sell basically the same product, what separates one from the other is their ?image?. Dave, the nice guy who wants to provide quality hamburgers and the Ronald, the clown, who loves kids, in the other case. Where am I going with this? I believe it is important to create a business logo, and slogan, to optimize your branding process. Then, it is really important to create your company ?image?. I hope my "image" projects WORK FROM HOME, quality products and services, and a professional image; and, that I have a website you can visit that is reliable and trustworthy. When you see our logo, that is what I want your vision and memory to recall. Something like "Dave" or "Ronald". Do you want you image to be a high-powered sales company, or a professional, creative, critical thinker? The ?image? I get in the first case is SPAM, misrepresentation, (tell anybody anything to get it sold), and worthless products and services. Please, I am not trying to offend anyone. We all need to sell! But, there is the right way and the wrong way. I prefer the right way. We stand behind ALL products and services, and will NEVER spam anyone at any time. That is the ?image? I hope you ?see? when our BRANDED name appears anywhere. Your online friend, Opportunities Now Internet Marketing Services For more information about us use KEYWORD: ?opportunities now internet marketing services? in any major Search Engine. James A. ?Jim? Holish 5250 E. Cortland Blvd. #19 Flagstaff, Arizona 85004

Do This - and Destroy Your Resale Rights Business!

There's one thing that's sure-fire guaranteed to ruin your profits on resale rights products more than anything else - price cutting. It has become the scourge of information product sellers everywhere and it seems there's not much that can be done to stop it.

The Most Profitable Internet Marketing Strategy Ever

So what's the most profitable internet marketing strategy you can apply to your business right now and start profiting from it for years to come?

PPC and SEO - Inhouse Vs. Outsource

Any small business owner in a B2B or B2C market has struggled with the decision - should you outsource your internet marketing to a full-service marketing firm, or should you bring employees in-house for your marketing team? First you need to define your marketing goals - are you building a long-term brand or just bringing a new product or service to market? Do you have sufficient capital to support a marketing team? Your budget for advertising (ie, Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing) should be taken into account when considering your marketing budget - for online companies this is the largest single cost.

Quick Guide to Internet Marketing: 9 Tips for Success on the Net

To market successfully you must incorporate the Internet into your business plan, but be sure to follow these 9 tips for success on the net:

Hide and Seek

What's happening to the personal touch on the World Wide Web?

10 Deadly Joint Venture Profit Killing Mistakes

1. Not sending out another mailing

FREE Classified Advertising Tips to Boost Any Business!

FREE online classified advertising - the equation is simple. A business needs to reach out to more and more people on the Internet. Each website has a particular level of visitors, otherwise called traffic. In order to reach out to more traffic, businesses barter Internet online advertising space and thus increase traffic. This way, everybody wins. The businesses are more visible at no additional cost and the customer gets a wider choice of products and services. In addition, partner websites ensure better traffic for better business.

Internet Marketing Is No Big Secret

You Do Not Need To Be An Internet Marketing Guru Just follow seven, (not so easy) steps to success. 1. emal campaigns:(followup, autoresponders, etc.) advertising copy (ad title and content). Be sure your campaign has an eye catching title accompanied by well thoughtout meaningful content. Then follow up your campaign using autoresponders. 2. ad tracking: Without knowing the response rate to your campaign, your "shooting in the dark". This is probably the most important part of successful advertising and marketing. It may take several attempts to "tweak" your ads for just the right combination of title and content. 3. search engine placement (appropriate keywords with high ranking KEI value. (10 or more, the higher the better). Use to find the right KEYWORDS relavant to your website. 4. Join forums and Groups: Ask questions and contribute your knowledge. (This will allow you to place your site URL in your signature line, which in turn creates an inbound link for you, (important for search engine placement) Forums, Blogs, and Groups provide an excellent source for FREE advertising. Forum members share their experience with other members. This is not idle chat. Provide the forum with some quality input regarding your various experiences and opportunities. Watch for the feedback. Guess what? You can include your site?s URL in your signature line. This is a great free advertising. 5. Traffic Exhanges, and Link Exchanges. Many link exchanges are free. Go to for a complete listing of link exchanges. 6. Publish Articles, ie., ?How to bake the best cookies? or ?How to repair a hole in the wall?. Just make sure you have your opportunity link included. Then submit those articles to Search Engines. This will lend credibility to your site. 7. Be prepared to invest capital, money. If you think you can earn money without investing money, you?re dreaming. Those ?free? memberships are your ?test period? to see first hand what the program offers, does it fit your need, will it produce leads, money, traffic, etc., if so invest. Here?s a warning though, stay within a budget. The quickest way to go broke is by being a PAID JOINER. Make sure this program is what you need, you understand how it works, and you can utilize it within the skill level you have. If you are a ?newbie, state of the art training is a priority. Find a program that provides FREQUENT state of the art training. Does this work? You bet! When I launched my website on February 2005, I started with 600 hits. Now I am enjoying 3500 hits PER DAY, an astonishing improvement. That means my site is tracking One Million hits on a year to year basis. Babe Ruth gives us another clue. Babe hit an amazing number of home runs. His record of home runs was incredible, but, his record of striking out still stands undefeated. Therein lies another insight. Success is doing until you find what works. Failure is the by product of successful people. I hope I offered you some helpful information. As I said in the beginning, it is not necessary to be an Internet Marketing Guru to have success on the Internet. Happy Marketing, your online friend, Opportunities Now Internet Marketing Services For more information about us, use KEYWORD: ?opportunities now internet marketing services? in any major Search Engine.

Making Money out of Your First Effort

Have this phrase broken through your life at least once? I think so, most of us want to be paid when we are sleeping, resting or on vacations. Is there a way to turn your dream into a reality? As a matter of fact, it is possible?

Five Proven Methods for Internet Marketing Success

There are hundreds of ways that you can promote your online business or website, some more effective than others. These five proven methods will help you to generate traffic to your site and also to generate income into your wallet.

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