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Why Submitting Articles Gnaws at You Like an Unsent Thank-You Note

Writing and Submitting Articles is More about Psychology than Writing Skill

Repetition: The Secret to Visibility and Attention!

Have you ever felt disappointment and dismay when trying a new marketing approach because it didn't generate the response you expected? If so, you are certainly not alone. Perhaps in our impatience and high hopes to succeed we've forgotten the old saying, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.? In fact repetition is the secret to visibility and attention. Whether it's a sales letter, press release or copy in your direct mailings, the strategies you choose often take trial and error efforts to find the one that works best.

E-Mail Accounts For Your Home Based Business

As a Work at Home Business you need to have at least 7 E-Mail Accounts.

How A 7 Year Old Boy Discovered The Secret To Niche Marketing Success

Niche marketing enthusiast...

Using Web Technology as a Means to Strengthen Competitive Advantage

Many firms underestimate the value of using their websites to gain significant competitive advantage in their given markets. Most businesses only utilize their website as a means of displaying their corporate profile, list of products as well as things like their contact details and email address.

Be Different And Profit

I've just spent 3 hours surfing the web and found 47 different Internet Marketing courses. I read every single sales page and decided not to buy ANY of them.

Internet Marketing Tip - Go For The Bronze

Go for the bronze.

Get Permission to Earn Income Online for Life

Today, the internet is an excellent media to reach out to the masses. You should really get to know your market niches. Focusing your marketing efforts to reach that specific audience and the ability to communicate with large numbers of people in a very personalized manner.

The Best Kept Secret on the Internet

What is the Best Kept Secret on the Internet?

Ways To Outsell Your Competition

Competition is fierce on the Internet. There are a multitude of people selling products that are similar to yours. How in the world you you get customers to buy your product instead of your competitors?

Ten Tried And Tested Viral Marketing Campaigns

Believe it or not, viral marketing did not originate from the web. Named after microscopic organisms that reproduce at a very fast rate, viral marketing traces its beginnings from offline marketing. More popularly called as word-of-mouth advertising, this method has been one of the most powerful yet cost-efficient ways of promoting a business.

Free Demographics or Updated Data?

During your search, you may encounter free demographic data. If data is data, then free is better, right? Not necessarily! Census data and commercial data do vary, at times so significantly that you may come to the wrong conclusion by using the latter. Let?s take a look at each so that you can make the best decision when purchasing data or reports.

Is that Niche Really Going to Make You Money?

Find a niche; pick a niche, niche markets will make you rich

Multiple Internet Profit Streams

Have you been searching without success for a way to make money on the internet? Maybe you?ve been going from one idea to another ? wasting more and more money without much if any return.

Targeting Online Customers

Although generating online traffic is an important goal of any website, attention should always be directed to the very first and most important issue in website marketing: targeting online customers. It's important to remember that the definition of your online customers always comes from your customers' basic needs and preferences. Your customer's needs define your online business. If you define your customers based on their requirements, you will know what direction to follow based on your understanding of their needs. As a result, you won't necessarily sell your products or services to a specific demographic group, but rather to the people who actually need your products or services.

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