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Dos and Donts for the Internet Marketing Newbie (Part 2)

You are now reading Part 2 of my article the ?Do?s and Don?ts for the Internet Marketing Newbie?. Part 1 covered the Do?s and this part will cover the Don?ts.

Arrgh. . .Those Stupid Internet Marketing Cliches Are True!

If you have read any internet marketing resource ever created, you have no doubt seen simple, one sentence, pot-shot solutions to all of your problems: You will only be successful if you think you are successful. You will make money if you work hard. Think outside of the box. Content is king!

This Here Web Aint Big Enough For Both Of Us! Can You Corner Web Market Share With Negative Action

If you're a fan of Western movies I'm sure you've heard most of the title line before; just replace "Web" with "town." That line of dialog is offered right before the two cowboys go outside and have a deadly gun duel. Wind blown tumbleweeds and shades of the OK Corral as a backdrop!

Internet Marketing: Dr. Robert Anthony Reveals How To Use Quantum Physics To Supercharge Success

What secret dreams do you have for your Internet marketing business? Would you like to quickly expand your list to giant proportions? Would you love to have a list of thousands or even millions of people bringing in money every day as they buy the products you offer?

Make Your Real Estate Website Visible!

So, you?ve created a Website to highlight your realty services and listings. Now all you have to do is wait for the customers to roll in -- right? Wrong. Putting up a Website is only the first step. Now you have to fine tune your site?s descriptors to boost its search engine ranking when prospective clients explore the Internet hunting for a REALTOR. It does you little good to have a Website if no one can find it. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps you can take that increase your odds of being noticed when buyers or sellers turn to the Web to find a real estate agent.

Free Internet Secrets That Will Instantly Drive Up Your Traffic and Sales

The following 3 secrets revolutionized my life. For years I had tried everything I knew with no success. It didn?t matter that offline I was a very successful marketing expert, online success remained elusive. The moment I discovered these three secrets things changed dramatically for me.

Aesthetics and Web Marketing

For four years I worked in the editorial department of a major Internet directory. My job required me to search for and review thousands upon thousands of Web sites. Oh, the horror!

Seven Tips For A Successful Internet Marketing Campaign

Often there can seem to be very little difference between two marketing campaigns. However the difference between average marketing and profitable marketing is immense. Here are my 7 tips for ensuring success from your marketing campaign.

Is FREE Killing Your Sales?

"FREE" what a great word.

The Struggling Internet Marketer

Instead of giving you advice on how to make a million bucks, and pretending to be famous and wealthy, I would like to talk about all the net-prenuers who aren't making a living on the information superhighway.

Time is Money in Online Marketing

We all do it.

13 Killer Ways To Multiply Your Sales

1. When you make your first sale, follow-up with the customer. You could follow-up with a "thank you" email. That way, you could follow-up every few months and build your own lists and include an advertisement for other products you sell.

Some Practical Guidlines for Getting Involved with Internet Marketing

This article addresses the ?how? and ?when? of getting involved with internet marketing.

The Paradigm Shift of Internet Marketing

There is a trend going on in the world of internet marketing. If you truly open your eyes and pay attention to everything in the internet marketing world, you will notice this specific trend that is rapidly invading our email inboxes from every internet marketing guru out there. This trend is a marketing shift from text ebooks to more high valued products like multimedia online presentations and software products.

Viral Marketing:10 High-Impact, Viral Marketing Strategies,To Explode Your Sales

Hello, do you have any website that is not bringing in a lot of sales?

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