Time is Money in Online Marketing

We all do it.

Spend time and money sourcing those vital pieces of kit to get the best from our endeavors.

On the final day of 2004 I engaged in a little exercise, the results of which filled me with shock horror.

I discovered that over the previous 12 months I had spent an inordinate amount of time gathering together ever-evolving information and software essential to helping me do what I do well online even better.

Moreover I'd spent a bundle in acquiring it.

Then serendipity stepped in with a surprise solution.

While I was searching for one particular piece of kit I stumbled upon a resource that had everything I needed in one slot and at prices that blew me away.

I bought the lot in a one-off deal?

What was that source?

Ah, now if I told you that, my latest venture would hit the dust faster than a meteor.

What I can do instead though is to direct you to my list of what I call $9.95 CostCutters.

$9.95 because everything on the list carries the same price tag despite that fact these same information products and software items are retailing elsewhere at prices ranging from $19.95 to $124.95.

What's more to the point, there is no outdated rubbish among them; the produce is current, topical, and in some instances unique.

Jim Green is a retiree, entrepreneur, and published author with a string of bestselling hard copy titles to his bow including his latest 'Your Retirement Masterplan' ISBN 1857039874. You'll get a taste of what he gets up to at this website: http://howtoproducts-xl.com

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