Product Not Selling? This Could Be Your Lucky Day!

So you've created a digital product ready for sale on the Web. You've created your sales page on a three page mini- site. If you're really on the ball, you've created your own opt-in newsletter as well. You've followed step-by-step guidelines for selling your product, and even added some bells and whistles. It's a cakewalk from this point on, right?

Don't get me wrong; if you've done this much then you're leaps and bounds ahead of many Internet marketers. But what if your product doesn't sell as well as you expected? Is this a cause for concern? No way! Depending upon the subsequent action you take, it could very well be a cause for celebration!

You could take a few reactive measures, such as tweaking your sales page and website, for these are not only good ideas, but absolute necessities. But try these three simple techniques on for size and see if they don't help you double or triple your profits. There are no guarantees of success, but these simple steps are certainly contributing factors.

1. Instead of selling your product, give it away for free as an incentive to sign up for your newsletter. Simply leave your sales page the way it is except for removing the order links, and replacing them with newsletter signup links!

Tweak your product a bit so it can be given away for free by your visitors and give them a huge incentive to do so. If your product is an ebook, are there affiliate links in the text that your subscribers can replace with their own?

Here's what will happen if you give your subscribers a huge incentive to share your product with others:

A. The more people will get your product, which means..
B. More visits to your website, which leads to,
C. More subscribers, equaling more sales of back-end products. These could be other products you are selling, or products you can earn affiliate commission from. This takes us to the next step: D. More people giving away your product, which leads back to step A.

Can you see how much more profitable you can become if you follow this simple formula? OK, now on to step two:

2. Combine step one, and throw in joint venture deals with other marketers. But instead of selling your own product, let your joint venture partners place promotional copy in their newsletters (and maybe even on their websites) and have their subscribers download it from a different address than usual. The product downloaded from this second link can be branded with your joint venture partner's affiliate links!

They will have the potential to earn twice; once from your product, and once from theirs promoted through your ezine. Not a bad deal for them, or for you.

3. Create another digital product for back-end sales, and/or earn affiliate commission by endorsing products related to your niche. You might even consider giving full resale rights to anyone who buys this second product, meaning even more exposure for your website.

Imagine your conversion rate on your second product if you've already pre-sold your subscribers through quality ezine articles (every article you write does the pre-selling for you, by the way). Say your first product was only converting at half a percent, but you're able to convert your second product at four percent.

The greater your subscriber base, the more money that four percent means to you! So don't worry if your product isn't selling; it could be just what you need to be profitable!

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