Marketing Your Web Site Effectively

Every new generation of a Web site brings the hope of increased success on the Internet for your business or organization, but too often, a project is completed and lacks the fundamentals for ensuring success on the Web. While we certainly don't claim to be Google or MSN experts, the spider-based search engines want their results to be accurate and setting up your Web site correctly can be the difference between page 1, 2, or 2,000,000.

Everything starts and finishes with your Home page. What kind of content is featured on your Home page? What kind of navigational structure are you using? How long does the page take to load? How frequently is it updated? These are the types of questions that you need to ask your developer when getting ready to redesign your Web site. Having the right answers to these questions is crucial to success, and the answers are fairly obvious, so why do so many sites ignore these basic philosophies?

Your Home page should feature information about your products and services, provide easy access to the main sections of your site, load quickly (3 sec rule), and be updated regularly to encourage repeat visitors. While these are logical answers to the questions, working with a Web site marketing firm such as WebSolutions can take these concepts to the next level and make certain that you've got the right content in the right places.

The next step is to examine your interior pages and see what advantages you can exploit over your competitors. Most companies are lazy and stop after optimizing their Home page. This leaves the door wide open for those willing to get a little dirty and go the extra mile. While your Home page is probably indexed in the search engines already, getting your interior pages optimized and indexed can provide a huge boost in traffic as well.

The final step is to examine the traffic your site is getting and perform a marketing analysis of the site's performance. Getting more traffic to the site is great, but if you can't convert that traffic into sales or inquiries, it's not that beneficial. The higher the conversion rate, the happier you'll be.

While the ideals outlined here are fundamental, we can work with you to expand on the concepts discussed and take your site to the next level. If you are interested in learning how we can help, please contact us today for more information. In addition, you can find more helpful information by visiting:, which is a great resource for this type of content.

WebSolutions is a professional Web site design, development, and hosting company based near Chicago. Their expertise in Web design has been highlighted in print and television and their custom developed solutions have been highly successful for businesses nationwide. Jon Kee handles all sales and marketing related activities for WebSolutions and can be reached by phone @ 630.375.6833 or email @

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