5 Fast Ways to Improve Your Website

Building a website is easy. Building a successful e-business is another thing altogether. How to make the most of your web presence? Here's five easy tips to maximize your site.

Write A Newsletter
You can put just about anything in a newsletter, from new product and service promotions to helpful tips, tricks and other relevant information. A company that sells shoes for example, might offer a free newsletter that promotes their seasonal sales in addition to articles on reflexology, common foot ailments and pros and cons for different styles of shoes. Don't know how to write? Not to fret. There are hundreds of freelance writers out there who would be happy to create and manage your newsletter for you. Try one of the many freelance services such as Elance.com or Guru.com or you could simply start by searching "freelance copywriter" through your favorite search engine.

Add Content
We all love being able to find that perfect little item but isn't it also great to discover related information that can help you make your purchase? Consumers use the Internet to perform research just as much as they use it to shop. While you may sell what they want to buy, it's to your advantage to provide what they want to read as well. The more relevant content you can add to your site, the more likely you are to see your visitors coming back again and again.

Blog It
Blogging actually serves two purposes: the first is that it offers a quick and easy way to add new content to your site (something your customers will love!). The second bonus is that search engines love new content so the more you blog, the more the search engines are likely to visit. That means better rankings for your site and more potential customers for your trouble.

While animated graphics and splash screens look really great, your average Internet user wants to get in and get out. Bog your site down with a bunch of fluff and your user will click away before the Flash movie even finishes. This isn't to say that you can't employ some of the impressive new technology? just make sure that your site also offers an easily-navigated menu so that they can always find what they want.

Give Good Service
There is nothing more annoying than a site that doesn't offer adequate customer service. FAQ's and contact information are just two ways that you can offer assistance to your customers. Users with a question don't likely want to wait until your regular business hours to give you a call and they'll likely surf somewhere else to find the answers they seek. Your objective is to make the business process as painless as possible. That means a quick checkout, easy navigation and yes, good customer service. Make sure your site includes answers to all the questions an uninformed user might ask. You'll be surprised at what a little service can do for your sales.

About the Author: Kate Ivy is a professional writer and web designer who specializes in content for marketing, advertorial and B2B ventures. You can learn more about SEO and successful web marketing at Ivygirl Media & Design (http://www.ivygirlmedia.com).

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