The Secret Of Discovering Your Own Profitable Passion

Many people have stated that they would like to create an on line business but they don't have any idea where to start. I have seen people make the mistake of throwing up a website and creating a product without looking the basics first and then wondering why they haven't been able to get any traffic or customers.

I have noticed that people can be surprised when I tell them, that the first and most important step to take is to look inwards. This is also the first step in communication mastery. For you must first know yourself and know what it is you want to do before you can communicate that to others and and take the necessary steps to achieving your goals.

Some questions that you can ask yourself are:

  • What do I like to do,
  • What are my areas of interests
  • Where to my skills lie
  • How do I like to accomplish things
  • What is my passion
  • What would my ideal life look like
  • And more importantly...
  • What area would I enjoy spending many hours working on and learning more of?
  • This is important because if you hate what you are doing then you are not going to get very far. Once you are clear on your passion, you can then start to do some market research to find out is there is a market for your area. There are many resources and places that you can do this.

    One of them is When you type in a word it will show you how many people have search for that word or description. If 5000 or more people did a search on that name or phrase, then your odds of doing well are looking up. However, if only a few people type it in, then you probably won't do well in that area. That said, further investigation is required. First, try typing in different combination of words and different variations on a word. If you are not sure what to use, a thesaurus can help you. If you don't have one handy, there are several on line versions.

    Next would be to look at other resources. There are several sites and software programs that can help you in your endeavours.

    For example:

  • WordTraffic
  • These can help you to define your area an help you focus on the most probalble area for success.

    There are other things to consider to help you decide on the feasibility of your area.

    They are:

  • What is the competition like.
  • Who are the competition
  • What are their websites
  • How successful are they
  • Is the market swamped in this area
  • Is there an aspect of this area that no one has looked at
  • Are there books on the subject and how many
  • Is my area narrowly defined into a specific niche
  • Once that is complete, you can start looking at your benefits. Make sure that you are listing benefits and not features. It is the benefits that convince people. For example if you were selling books for people with poor eye sight. Large print is a feature, ease of reading is a benefit.

    With that in mind, ask your self:

  • How will this improve their lives
  • How does it help their business
  • How will this affect them
  • Will it save them money
  • How will it help them or their family get ahead
  • How does it help the environment
  • Does it improve their health
  • Can it save them time.
  • Once you have completed this you are well on your way to creating a solid foundation on which to build. To find out how to discover who your target market is read; The Secret Of Focused Responsive List

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    All the Best!
    Maria Boomhower
    The Master Communicator
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