Seven Ways to Keep Earning After Youve Completed the Sale

So you've just sold another digital product; things are going great, right? Well, they might be, but unless you separate yourself from the crowd, you're probably still leaving money on the table. Here are seven simple ways to keep the money coming in long after the initial sale.

1. Throw in a free ebook with giveaway rights as a bonus for buying the product. It doesn't have to be long; anywhere between five and twenty pages will do. The key is to give them a strong incentive to give it away. The bigger the incentive, the bigger your profits.

2. Let them join your affiliate program as another bonus for purchasing. Combine it with number one and see what you're able to come up with! Give them powerful pre-selling tools such as review articles of the products you are selling, and text ads to run on websites and/or ezines.

3. Back-end them with products you can earn recurring or residual income from. Some examples are web hosting and autoresponder services, as well as private membership sites.

4. Teach them how to achieve the same level of success that you enjoy. Tie in multi-tier affiliate programs that help them to reach their objectives. This can be shared in a free viral special report that keeps multi-tier affiliate commission coming in for months, even years.

Obviously you don't want to reveal everything you know, just enough to help them on their way. This free special report can be a powerful pre-seller for an ebook written by you or someone else.

5. Monetize your customers with joint venture deals. Be careful to do this sparingly, and make sure you're giving them something of value on a regular basis that gives them something to lose if they ever unsubscribe from your mailing list.

6. Ask them to take a survey and discover what your next information product will be about, based upon their responses. Throw in a free viral ebook as a special thank you, which should continue to expand your list and your profits as it is spread all over the Internet.

7. Recommend multi-tier affiliate programs for them to promote. Write a series of quality articles about these different products, and allow them to change your affiliate links to their own. Be sure to create a solid resource box with your website or ezine subscription address that should keep the hits coming, and the money flowing like never before!

These are seven simple ways to continue monetizing your list long after you've completed the sale. Use a combination of all seven in your own creative way to help springboard yourself to extraordinary success online. Cherish your customers and continue to earn their loyalty, while propelling yourself to unimaginable heights. The sky's the limit!

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