The Free Viral Marketing Technique You Cant Afford to Pass Up

Have you ever seen the movie "Pay it Forward"? This incredibly simple, yet effective viral method requires doing exactly the opposite; that is, paying it backward. Read on to see exactly what I mean.

What's the best case scenario that can possibly arise from a visitor to your website? In most cases, it's selling a product to your visitor as well as capturing their e-mail address. But what if you could generate more and more traffic from a single visitor? What if you could multiply your website visitors exponentially. I am about to show you how to do exactly that.

If you know anything at all Internet Marketing, then you know about how important quality links to your website are. You also know that it often requires a great deal of work finding quality link partners. Using this free viral marketing technique, the number of quality links pointing in to your site will be directly proportional to the number of website visitors you are able to generate.

Let me go into more detail now, and explain the process. What if your visitor had a massive incentive to link back toward your website, and you didn't even even have to place a link on your site for this to happen? This is precisely what I am going to reveal to you now.

All it requires is the use of this article; yes, this exact article. No bells and whistles, no complex HTML coding, very little extra investment of your time and none of your money are required.

Remember when I said you would need to "pay it backward" for this to work? Here's how it works. Simply link back to the website that you read this article on, and post this article on your website as well!

If you get 1000 hits on your website each month, you have the potential for up to 1000 websites to link to you within days.

Of course, not all of your visitors will own their own websites, but what if only 50 did, and 25 of them linked back to you? That's free traffic that you barely had to do a thing to create!

But there is one detail, of paramount importance, that you must take into consideration before going any further. You will not improve your Google page ranking by linking back to a website with a different theme.

For example, if your website is about Internet marketing, and you read this on a website devoted to golf tips, your Google page rank could even be damaged. So be forewarned, that unless you own an Internet marketing site, and are linking to an Internet marketing site, you may want to pass on this opportunity.

Let me share some of the reasons why I'm so excited about this link exchange technique. Let's say that by linking back to the website that you found this article on, you're giving up 30% of your traffic due to people exiting your site through that link. Now, you're probably not going to lose that much traffic, but even if you did, it wouldn't matter! Here's why.

If you have 100 sites linking to you that get roughly the same amount of traffic that you do, and they're each giving you 30% of their traffic, then that equals a net gain of 2970% more traffic coming to your website! (3000%-30%=2970%)

So you have the potential to exponentially explode your traffic with each visitor who comes to your website. Have fun with this free and easy viral marketing tool and enjoy all of your extra traffic!

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