3 Quick and Easy Steps to Earn Money Online!

Do you own a web site that is continually failing to make you any money? Don't feel alone because 90% of the web sites on the internet are just like yours. So, what if I told you that you could earn money online, practically overnight!

You might not believe me but the facts are you can. I am about to show you 3 quick and easy steps to earn money online, fast.

These are proven techniques that will send fast cash into your bank account, even while you sleep. Put them to work for you and watch the money come rolling in.

Follow these 3 quick and easy steps and you will be able to earn money online like the pros.

1. Market Someone Else's Product - If you have your own web site, or even if you don't, you can find an affiliate product that is relevant to your market and sell it for a commission. Many of these affiliate programs pay as much as a 75% commission on sales.

Here is an easy tactic you can use to sell your affiliate product. If you have your own site then put a text link in a highly visible area on your website. The middle of the page, top right, or bottom right seem to be prime web site real estate.

Make sure to use a text link instead of a banner, they convert better! When you write your text, do so in the form of a recommendation for the product. This technique usually works the best because the people that come to your website consider you an expert on your market.

Put more than one text link on your web pages. What draws the attention of one person may not another. So always write two to three text link ads and put them on various places on each of your web pages.

2. Use a Joint Venture to Jumpstart your Sales - Maybe you have a product but are new to the internet and don't have a list. You are interested in increasing your web site traffic and building your credibility to increase your sales. No problem, what you need to do is find someone in your niche market that has an established web site and a list of customers.

Use the search engines and references from other site owners to locate someone that might be interested in recommending your product to their customer list in return for a share of the profits. You need to make this a win-win situation for them. Understand that you are the one needing help, not them. So when you approach them have the attitude of how this venture can benefit them and not you.

Tell them that you think your product would be a valuable benefit for their customers. Give them a FREE copy of your e-book or your product to let them see for themselves. Make sure that you provide all of the marketing materials they will need, like ezine ads, articles, text links, and banners.

Most importantly, make it worth their time by giving them a minimum of 50% of the profits for utilizing their list. You need to understand that their list is the heart and soul of their business and that they will only recommend products to their customers that they feel will benefit them. As a list owner you can not afford to risk your reputation on low quality products.

A joint venture is a great way to jumpstart your sales and will lead to more profitable joint ventures in the future!

3. Give Something Away to Profit in the Future - One of the best ways to secure huge amounts of profits is to give something away to your web site visitors. This does two things, the first, it is a great way to get their trust and secondly, by giving them a taste of what you have to offer many of them will end up buying the whole meal.

A great technique to use, especially if you have an information product like an e-book, is to give away a free report or mini-course related to the topic of your information product.

This will allow you to get their email address so you can send them follow up emails promoting your product, or other people's products like in example 1. You are also building a list of people that have an interest in your niche market. If they like your material they will come back for more!

So give away a free email report or mini-course, you can even put links to your products or affiliate products in the free report, so it becomes an income stream. If you will give away something to get their interests peaked and their trust heightened it will lead to greater sales in the near future.

In closing, you can put these simple but powerful techniques to work for you and begin earning money online overnight. They are not hard it just takes a little gumption to get started. When you see the results start rolling in you will realize it was worth the effort.

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