Using An Autoresponder To Manage Your Email Campaigns

Automatic Responders

Whether your e-business is planning to launch an email marketing campaign or simply in need of handling demanding email inquiries, rapid email response to inquiries is a customer service essential. Ideally, customer email inquiries should be answered within a 24 hour period. In this way the customer feels valued; you represent your business as efficient and eager to serve; and you set a processing goal for yourself that keeps your communications a high priority.

One of the most effective ways to meet this goal is with automatic response mail, or autoresponders. Autoresponders examine each incoming message for specific criterion--a word or series of words in the sentence line or in the sender's alias or address, for example. The autoresponder replies with pre-set information or materials.

Autoresponders are designed to target email inquiries that indicate a specific interest with the appropriate response. You can have multiple targeted responses and answer or redirect general inquires very effectively. However, since the autoresponder programs are triggered by specific words, out-of-the ordinary communications may not get the exact information needed. Therefore, careful programming and overall business communication planning is essential to assure that the needs of each and every customer is met.

This kind of e-business planning is best facilitated by a professional. Valiss can provide the marketing expertise and technical support to help you optimize an autoresponder program and integrate it into a comprehensive customer service plan. For small businesses, professional help may seem out of range. But Valiss will surprise you in two ways: the affordability of its services and the lightning fast economic boost these services will bring to your business.

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