Internet Marketing Is No Big Secret

You Do Not Need To Be An Internet Marketing Guru

Just follow seven, (not so easy) steps to success.

1. emal campaigns:(followup, autoresponders, etc.) advertising copy (ad title and content). Be sure your campaign has an eye catching title accompanied by well thoughtout meaningful content. Then follow up your campaign using autoresponders.

2. ad tracking: Without knowing the response rate to your campaign, your "shooting in the dark". This is probably the most important part of successful advertising and marketing. It may take several attempts to "tweak" your ads for just the right combination of title and content.

3. search engine placement (appropriate keywords with high ranking KEI value. (10 or more, the higher the better). Use to find the right KEYWORDS relavant to your website.

4. Join forums and Groups: Ask questions and contribute your knowledge. (This will allow you to place your site URL in your signature line, which in turn creates an inbound link for you, (important for search engine placement)

Forums, Blogs, and Groups provide an excellent source for FREE advertising. Forum members share their experience with other members. This is not idle chat. Provide the forum with some quality input regarding your various experiences and opportunities. Watch for the feedback. Guess what? You can include your site's URL in your signature line. This is a great free advertising.

5. Traffic Exhanges, and Link Exchanges. Many link exchanges are free. Go to for a complete listing of link exchanges.

6. Publish Articles, ie., "How to bake the best cookies" or "How to repair a hole in the wall". Just make sure you have your opportunity link included. Then submit those articles to Search Engines. This will lend credibility to your site.

7. Be prepared to invest capital, money. If you think you can earn money without investing money, you're dreaming.

Those "free" memberships are your "test period" to see first hand what the program offers, does it fit your need, will it produce leads, money, traffic, etc., if so invest. Here's a warning though, stay within a budget. The quickest way to go broke is by being a PAID JOINER.

Make sure this program is what you need, you understand how it works, and you can utilize it within the skill level you have. If you are a "newbie, state of the art training is a priority. Find a program that provides FREQUENT state of the art training.

Does this work?

You bet!

When I launched my website on February 2005, I started with 600 hits. Now I am enjoying 3500 hits PER DAY, an astonishing improvement. That means my site is tracking One Million hits on a year to year basis.

Babe Ruth gives us another clue. Babe hit an amazing number of home runs. His record of home runs was incredible, but, his record of striking out still stands undefeated. Therein lies another insight. Success is doing until you find what works. Failure is the by product of successful people.

I hope I offered you some helpful information. As I said in the beginning, it is not necessary to be an Internet Marketing Guru to have success on the Internet.

Happy Marketing, your online friend,

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