How to Use Tracking to Keep Income Incoming

The use of tracking links in the following scenario puts you in complete control when someone else makes a change that affects your webpages, your links on other peoples' sites, or your links in ebooks or ecourses already in circulation. Additionally, the potential time savings in editing the pages that are within your control can add up to hours and hours saved for you.

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Here's the scenario...

1) You're promoting someone else's product as an affiliate.

2) You've built and uploaded multiple web pages with this affiliate link long ago.

3) You've written an ecourse with the affiliate link included in multiple messages.

4) You've created a viral ebook that's been downloaded 5,000 times in the last 9 months and it includes this affiliate link.

Now, everything is rolling along quite nicely and you receive an email message from the owner / creator of this affiliate program advising you that they are launching new affiliate software on a new server and it will mean that your old affiliate links will no longer work - effective tomorrow. Ouch.

Without the use of tracking links, you'll need to...

- Find every web page where this affiliate link is located, edit the pages and upload the updated versions.

- Edit your ecourse messages with the new revised affiliate link and update your autoresponder.

- Forget about all your hard work invested in creating your viral ebook because you can't recall the ebooks and there's no way to remotely fix the affiliate link.

Not only is this all quite unfortunate, but it's going to cost you time and potential income lost. So, how can you avoid getting in this situation in the first place? Here's the good news...

The solution that puts you in complete control is the use of tracking links. Instead of using the affiliate URL to link directly to the product or service, be the middle man with your own tracking link. Here's how the traffic will flow...

1) Traffic lands on your web page and clicks the link you provide, which is a tracking link.

2) The visitor is directed to your tracking program, which in turn redirects the traffic to the affiliate program.

Simple enough, right? Absolutely.

The real beauty of this is that when you get the message from the affiliate program administrator announcing the news of their wonderful new affiliate program and your updated link, you say "Hey, cool. No problem." You log into your tracking program's admin panel, edit the target URL for your tracking link and your work is done in 60 seconds flat.

No editing and uploading of web pages. No editing or updating of autoresponders. No lost income from broken links in your viral ebook. It's a beautiful thing.

The scenario will happen. It's only a matter of time. Will you be able to successfully make all necessary adjustments in 60 seconds or will you be scrambling for hours? The answer is in your decision whether or not you use tracking links.

To view the free companion video tutorial that demonstrates how to quickly and easily put yourself in complete control of your hard earned traffic, go here:

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