10 Things the Work at Home Online Business Owner can Do to Improve their Search Engine Rankings

Search engine theory is great but most Web Masters Say Show me the Results. These 10 easy to follow tips are sure to boost your Page rankings for a Targeted Keyword or Phrase.

Step 1 Use Keywords or keyword Phrases in the Title /Title Block

If This were a Web Page The Text between the title and /Title headings would be 10 Things the Work at Home Online Business Owner can Do to Improve their Search Engine Rankings. http://ewguru.com/kw-suggestion

Step 2 Use H1 and H2 tags with Your Keywords and keyword Phrases

Now Place Your Title at the very Top of your Page between H1 and /h1 Tags. With very few exceptions your Page Title in the Header Tag should be identical to your Title Meta-Tag. Where it makes sense you should place your Keyword or Keyword Phrases in h1,h2 and h3 blocks throughout your web Page as Sub Headings

Step 3 Concentrate on 1 Keyword or keyword Phrase Per Page.

It is best to pick one keyword or Phrase per page and concentrate on it. You should target a Keyword Density of about 3%. http://www.organicseo.org/Choosing_Your_Target_keywords

Step 4 Have some Meaningful Content about your Keyword or Keyword Phrase

You need to have meaningful content Search engines are getting much smarter about Robotic Page Writers. One rule of thumb is don't place anything on your web Page you Don't want to read Yourself. The Ideal Web Page is a "Perfect Balance" between Human Readability and Search Engine Friendly KeyWord Rich.

Step 5 Have some Meaningful Links Related to Your Keyword or Keyword Phrase

Use Links either to rela6ted Content in your own web Pages or to External Pages. If you do link to an External Page Send the Web Master of that Page a Note telling him that you linked to him and asking for a Link Back See Step 9. Make sure to use your Keyword or Phrase in these Links

Step 6 Place Your Keyword or Keyword Phrase in Bold

As you use your Keyword or Phrase in your Web Page do something to make it stand out, Bold the Font or Make the Font Bigger. The Search Engines Love This

Step 7 Use the Description Meta-Tag

This is the actual Description the Search engines use when they display Results. This description should accurately match your web page. If at all possible find 2 or 3 sentences at the top of the web page that describe it well and place them in this Tag. If Not you may want to create a Lead Paragraph for your web page and Description

Step 8 Create A Google Sitemap

Here is an Excellent article on how to create a Google Site Map http://ewguru.com/hbiz/googlesitemap.html

Step 9 Use a Robots.txt File

Here is an Excellent Article on a Robots.txt File http://www.searchengineworld.com/robots/robots_tutorial.htm

Here is a Tool that Validates your Robots.txt File http://www.searchengineworld.com/cgi-bin/robotcheck.cgi

Step 10 Get Some Link Partners


Bonus Step 11

Create a Blog entry about your Web Page (don't forget the link) and use Pingomatic to notify the Blog Search tools that you updated your Blog

Once you have applied the above 11 steps to your web page be sure and test it. Do a search on your Keyword Phrase in and out of quotes and note your Position. Repeat this test once or twice a week and note your results.

Mike Makler has been Marketing Online Since 2001, When he built his first Sales organization of over 100,000 Members.

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