How To Hold On To Your Customers Like Hell And Make Them Pay You Again And Again!

With the years competition online, has become fierce. Studies shows already that there are more web pages in cyberspace today than there are humans on the face of the earth. All these jostling for the same customers. And if you remember that the primary purpose of every business is to acquire customers, then you will understand how serious this is.

If you're an internet home-based business entrepreneur, this calls for great concern. But the solution is not to *fight* your competition. The better way is to be creative in your marketing strategy. Competing against the vast array of possibilities will only frustrate and ultimately fag you out. I sincerely believe the competition should help you to be more creative. Also remember that your potential and existing customers have their individual choices. Therefore they should be your real target.

A vast number of online marketers today resort to various tricks and unwholesome tactics to market their products. Using hard-sell copywriting tricks they aim to producing a six-figure income in six months. They call this working smarter and not harder. Unfortunately many unsuspecting newbie internet marketers fall for this ploy.

As Percy Whiting rightly said, "Selling, to be a great art, must involve a genuine interest in the other person's needs. Otherwise it is only a subtle, civilized way of pointing a gum and forcing one into a temporary surrender".

You must understand that marketing is a process and not a one time task. You must also know that it cost about ten times less to sell to an existing customer than a new one. So instead of using tricks and hard sell strategies, put in place time-tested and proven methods that will keep your customers committed to you and your business. And ultimately sky rocket your earnings. The following tips and suggestions will help you to reduce your marketing cost, increase your earnings and keep your customers returning again and again for more.

1. Earn Your Clients' Respect And Trust: Put yourself in a potential customer's position. Who would you continue to do business with? An entrepreneur who after selling you a product runs off, with every communication door closed? Or one who is always at hand to answer your questions and listen to your complaints? I'm sure your guess is mine.

If your desire is to keep your customers and profit with them over time then ensure you earn their trust and respect. This is easily done through consistent follow-up.

Build a separate list for your customers. When someone becomes your customer, follow-up some days or weeks later with a thank-you email. Thank him for becoming a valued customer. In this thank-you email you could include a mystery bonus gift. From this point onward, ensure you're occasionally in contact with him. This may be to alert him to other special offers that will benefit him as an existing customer.

2. Sell Information And Not Products: People are online for mainly one purpose, to gather information. And as the saying goes, information sells. Instead of marketing your products, market information. Offer your existing and potential customers valuable information. Present your products and services as valuable information to your customers. Instead of dwelling on how beautiful and wonderful your product is, show your customers how it will solve their pains. When done well, potential customers will become existing customers and those already on your list will be glad to remain there.

Be on the alert and keep an eye on the media. Using your follow-up system, send your customers a message, short report or news, whenever you find information that could benefit them. Be sure that this is relevant to their relationship with you. Your customers will appreciate your interest.

3. Position Yourself: Many of the marketing tricks and strategies being bandied online are nothing but archaic and unpopular 'prospecting for customers' tactics. Many use email broadcasting services. Others descend as low as harvesting email addresses and sending unsolicited emails. All with the mind that their recipients may be enticed to make a purchase. But if your experience is anything like mine, such emails always end in cyber space. Deleted without any qualms.

However, a better method is positioning yourself. Doing this will force your potential customer to locate you first. When your potential customer comes online with a need, pain or a want, and desire a solution if he finds you, you stand a better chance of having a satisfied customer. They may discover you through a friend, an ad, an article or in an ezine. And because this buyer has more respect for you, you have more chances of keeping this customer.

Note that using the first two tips above will definitely help you to double your chances of positioning yourself.

4. Keep Your Customer Service At Top Notch: customers desire to be treated with great respect. They desire quick replies to complaints or request. Yes, the volume of correspondence online may sometimes be overwhelming. I know you must have automated your correspondences to have more time to yourself. But this could cost you some of your clients. When a potential client request specific information but receives an automated message that never addresses his request, he may move his business somewhere else.

To avoid this, devote part of your business time to attend to customers' and potential customers' email. You may get a hand to help out with this. Also, where there is a complaint, ensure that it is handled promptly. Where a customer asks for a refund, instantly do so. But never stop there. Thank him for trying out your product and request for his comments and the reason for asking for a refund. This will help you in upgrading your product and of course can result in more sales.

Conclusion: Your customers are the engine hub of your business. Your existing customers' word can make or mar your business. You would not only want to hold on them but also profit from their clientele. Do everything therefore to build a trustworthy relationship with them. Gain their respect while offering them what will heal their pains. Your customer data-base can be your re-occurring income treasure trove. Guard it well. Always remember that your success depend on it.

Chadrack Irobogo

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