Learning More About Your Customers to Achieve Maximum Online Profits!

Knowing about the people who buy your products or use your services on the internet is extremely important. If you know what your customers like, dislike, want and think, then you know exactly how to update your site and adapt it. Nothing pleases a visitor more than a site that fulfils everything that they desire. Pleased visitors lead to buyers. Not only will this boost your profits but it will also lead to satisfied customers who will leave your site and tell others. This will boost your web traffic.

All that is needed to learn more about your customers is a bit of primary research. That means collecting data yourself about your customers. The most effective way to collect relevant data about your customers is by using a survey or questionnaire. After a customer purchases from your site you could say that a free bonus is available if the customer spends 2 minutes filling in a quick questionnaire. If the bonus is of worthy value (an ebook is a good choice), then the customer will be encouraged to participate in the questionnaire. If you run a membership site, or you have an ezine with subscribers, you could send out a bulk email with the questionnaire within. Again you could offer a bonus to anyone who fills in the questionnaire.

Devising a questionnaire depends on what product or service your website offers. Ask some general questions at the beginning of the questionnaire such as age, sex, etc? This will give you an impression about what types of people are buying your product. This will help you to adapt your site in terms of content. In the middle of your questionnaire, you should ask questions about your site, and how customers think it could be improved. You may want to ask questions about the layout, images and content of your website. This will help you change your website to suit the average customer. Towards the end of your questionnaire, ask more specific questions relevant to whatever you are selling. Use the questionnaire to find out how much money people are prepared to pay for your product, what quantity they are prepared to buy, or what made them buy in the first place. You can use this information to adapt your product and change incentives on your site to buy. Somewhere in your questionnaire, I recommend putting in a question about how your visitor arrived at your site in the first place. This is useful because it will tell you how the majority of people arrive at your site and so you can see what methods of generating web traffic are working for you. Once you know which methods are most effective, you can concentrate on these to increase your visitors, consequently increasing your sales.

Just remember, 'the customer is always right'. Once you know how your customers think, you will know how to please them. Once you know how to please them, you are on the way to huge internet profits.

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Thanks for reading,

William Johnston (will@info-ebooks.co.uk)

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