4 Reasons Why Having Your Own Product is Essential for Serious Marketers

I know what you're thinking, "Why is having your own product essential?" Quite simple really, without your own product you will never market to your full potential. We all want to make as much money as possible. That is the nature of business and because of this I have listed below my favourite and most powerful reasons why you need your own product to promote as opposed to be an affiliate for somebody else's product.

Please read and understand these reasons because they make a whole lot of sense.

1. Affiliate Program - Without your own product it is possible to have your own affiliate program. Big deal, what's so fancy about having your own affiliate program? I'm glad you asked because it is a BIG DEAL. When you sell online you are only one person and your results depend completely on you but when you have your own affiliate program other people do the work for you. They make you sales and your sales are muliplied expontially without any additional effort on your behalf. The best part is they only get paid when they have made a sale. Having an affiliate program is more than a good idea, I would go so far as to say, it's essential. The best and only affilate software that I would recommend is JVManager (http://www.PrivateRights.com/JVManager.html ), so flexible and worth every penny.

2. Product Packaging - I would like to see you package together a whole lot of products via an affiliate link. The word, impossible, comes to mind because normal affiliate programs just don't work that way, you have very limited contol. But why would you want to do that anyway? Primarily because people love a bargain, and in addition to that your product/offer will have a lot more impact when it is combined with related items/bonuses.

3. Special Offers - One of my personal favourites that is only possible with your own product (unless you have very good relationships with a product owner and you have some major clout as an affiliate), is the ability to offer people a lower/special price. If you own your own product, you control the price so you decide whether you want to reward your customers for their loyalty or just infuse your cash flow if it is a little low with a firesale.

4. Joint Venture Partnerships - Only with your own product is it possible to wheel and deal with other product owners and put together a joint venture deal that will knock people's socks off. Joint ventures or JV's can allow you to reach a target market that will only be possible with other partners.

I could keep on going but these are my favourite benefits of having your own product and why I strongly suggest you do everything possible to get your own product.

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