Strategic Internet Marketing Using Joint Ventures

The goal of most webmasters is driving more traffic to their website in order to increase revenue. As a result, finding creative ways to market on the internet is critical. One such option is using joint ventures to assist in strategic internet marketing. The way this works, however, requires two or more businesses working together for the good of both. You cannot have a joint venture if you don't have another website or business working with you, so you must accomplish this first and make sure the goal is to benefit both websites involved. Read the following suggestions for strategic Internet marketing with joint ventures.

Joint venture #1 - Link Trades

Trading links is a joint venture because two websites are hosting the other websites link, helping to drive traffic to the sites as well as increase search engine rankings. This particular joint venture technique is being used frequently on the web today because of the sheer importance of links and their bearing on search engine results.

Joint venture #2 - Combine Web Pages

If you are having problems getting business then you might consider linking your products and services with another website that has a similar target market and complementary products. This way you can share the expense of the website, hosting account, and administrative costs, and split the difference on products. It's a good way to cut down on overhead and increase your inventory at the same time.

Joint venture #3 - Testimonials

Testimonials have been proven to make visitors feel more comfortable and confident with a product or company. You can create a joint venture to help another website with their testimonials and have them do the same thing for you.

Joint Venture #4 - E-book

Joint venture with another website to write an e-book that outlines different services and provides good information for visitors. Make sure that reading the e-book is actually worthwhile and informative. Then, include advertisements for both businesses in the e-book and allow the e-book to be downloaded for free from both websites. This is great advertising and by giving something away for free you will make your visitors feel more positive about your company.

Joint Venture #5 - Ads

Another joint venture idea that you can team up with another website or business to accomplish is autoresponder ads. Both websites can host these ads for the other website and as a result, have more coverage and business.

There are thousands of different join ventures you can involve yourself in. However, make sure you put some serious thought into the joint venture agreement and that it will be lucrative for everyone involved. If not, you will have a hard time finding anyone to joint venture with you. It is important to make sure you have thought out the joint venture from both sides before presenting another website with the opportunity.

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