Creating Functional Dialogue for Your Website

Opt in clicking promotes your business. By increasing link exchanges within the promotional copy on each page of your website, your website moves for you. It moves your clients to buyer pages, selling your products, and keeping the client actively clicking within your website pages.

Creatively unified content with interwoven click points keep people reading your site, moving from page to page, and buying your products. These clicks are created by linking your products to articles promoting your product, linked to articles describing another product that works with your product.

While this may sound redundant in description, the point on your page is to keep your client reading fresh content, moving back to the product pages, and buying more items. In specific instances, you can even promote your product in articles published on another site, bringing the client back at the end of your article to your product purchasing page.

Marketing your site requires forethought, planning, and ingenuity to keep readers interested and actively participating in the pages. As each person visits your page, you have approximately 3 seconds to capture their interest and bring them something of value. After that you have no chance of recapturing their viewing interest.

Work hard, work fast, and get the job done by interacting with confidence.

Copy writing with a purpose creates an interactive website optimally presenting your product in ways that bring your client to the point of purchasing. When your copy speaks to the heart of your client, your client speaks back.

Functional interchange of communication results in sales.

Need income from your website? It seems a necessary evil these days. Don't let clients pass your site by without spending something, even if it's just time. Let me show you how to keep your client reading, buying, and shopping. Visit Jan Verhoeff at eBiz Brand Performance.

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