Online Business Success: Its All Within Your Grasp

Despite any failures or slow starts you may be experiencing or rebounding from right now, don't focus too much on the people you listened to who may have contributed to your current state.

We all rely on "experts" to get ahead. Problem is you never know for SURE if the expert you just listened to is right until what she told you pans out in hard results.

Case studies are nice, but results in your bank account would be better. So there is always a leap of faith when deciding on a plan of action for your online business based upon the input from an "expert."

Many times you fall flat on your face. Whether it is a marketing test, new sales copy, or a new product or service, you can do everything that was recommended to the best of your ability, and sometimes it still doesn't work out.

I will tell you a secret that most experts won't admit: everyone, even the "experts," go through the same exact thing from time to time! We are all in the same boat when it comes to trying and failing. Or trying and succeeding.

Here's what is important when you hit the bottom of a fall from grace: that you dust yourself off and realize that a recent failure has nothing to do with whether or not "it was meant to be" or "this online business thing will never work for ME" or "it's all the "expert's" fault I failed!"

None of the statements above do a thing for your future success. What you need to succeed is out there. All the knowledge you need. All the tools and tactics. All the ideas you need to turn your business 180 degrees and get it back on track for eventual success.

Whether or not you should have listened to the last "expert" is immaterial. What matters is that you learn from what happened and take steps to avoid the same mistake in the future.

The answers or ideas you are seeking are very close. They can be one search away. One "chance" meeting with someone who will be crucial to your business success. Most people get stuck on failure or setbacks and miss the opportunity that was created by that failure.

They take no notice of the opportunity in front of them because of the fog of blame and shame, or the feelings of doubt about whether or not you should even be trying this online business "thing" at all.

Believe me, it is hard to stick to your dreams when everyone around you thinks you are nuts for even trying. It takes a real steadfast resolve to stick it out in the face of failure.

But the people who do, come out on top. Take that to the bank because when failure strikes, and it always does, most people run right back to the security of a paycheck without a backward glance.

These are the bitter folks who stick around the forums and write about how big a "pie-in-the-sky" all this online business success stuff is.

Yeah, tell that to the hundreds of people I work with who are singing an entirely different tune. I work around content site publishers and have associates who are making $20,000.00+ per month without serving a single customer or having to man their business with support people around the clock.

They don't ship products and thus have no inventory headaches. They simply provide a network of information sites and make money with the advertising space on those sites. Good money. Very good money.

Publishing content on a multi-site network scale is something sort of new out there on the net, in internet time. Certainly in real-world time! It is constantly evolving and is still truly in its infancy for potential growth. Growth in billions of dollars, not millions.

The point is this: There are not only the standard, regular opportunities for successful online business models that are still making millionaires right and left. There are also constant developments on the cutting-edge of internet business models.

The opportunity bubble in online businesses of all kinds is expanding at an amazing rate of speed. Like the Big Bang, opportunity is spreading in all directions, across hundreds of online industries.

We all sometimes need to be reminded of this fact in order to get past failures and keep working hard to find our niche. I can assure you that if you work, learn, and stay involved in your online business interests, whatever they may be, that big day will come when certain things fall into place which will change your life dramatically.

Everything you need to succeed is within a few clicks of where you are right now. You just haven't found the RIGHT links yet. But you will if you keep your eyes open for the opportunity when it presents itself.

Copyright 2005 Jack Humphrey

Jack Humphrey is managing partner at Content Desk, Inc. and an online information network publisher. For more information on the new trends in the information publishing industry, check out

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