The Magic Upsell Technique

Just like the infamous thank you page that a buyer is forwarded to before an actual purchase made popular by none other than Mike Filsaime, the same goes for upselling. What is upselling?

Upselling is the technique used to bolster sales after the initial purchase. The buyer is forwarded to another page before completion of the sale where they are introduced to similar products for less than the original purchase...

For instance, "Would you like to include this product also with your purchase today?"... "This makes a great addition to your purchase today!" ... "This is a MUST SEE!"

A one time purchase or purchases for less than the original priced product should be included during the original sale to bolster profits. It is your time with the customer and you should make every effort to educate your customer on your other products and services as well.

Things like... E books, Reports, etc... Get the idea?

Don't fall into the trap of thinking you will kill the sale if you decide to upsell, instead you'll be quite surprised at the reaction to your suggestions and may gain a loyal customer because of your attention to their needs.

Make the purchaser a deal he or she cannot refuse. It works and it's proven to increase sales and your customers may thank you for educating them on products that they knew nothing about. Put it to good use and watch your profit margin expand.

Anthony Tomei is a professional internet marketer and CEO of Tomei Enterprises Corp. You can visit his website below...


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