Single Best Way To Turn Visitors Into Rabid Buyers

Did you know that, on average, only 2% of visitors to your website will purchase your product or service?

Good news, you can improve that number, quite radically by collecting subscribers and re-marketing your site to them.

Two ways you can do that - a hard way and an easy way...

The hard way is through just offering one-time offers or waiting for your website visitors to give you their names when visiting your website.

What can you expect to get this way?

A trickle of email addresses, maybe a few each day that will grow into a substantial list "some day"

Now, the easy way.

I call it the "Flypaper" method where you put up some sticky tape and catch a whole whack of flies within hours. Now that's more like it.

Subscribers, of course, are far more valuable than flies - and you need to treat them that way to keep them, but drawing them to you is actually quite easy, when you know how.

The RIGHT Way To Produce E Mini Courses That

Draw Subscribers Like Sharks To Fresh Chum

First off, its great that more people are using e mini courses as a marketing tool, but what's SAD is that 99% of them are turning subscribers AWAY, not attracting them.

Now, I'm going to give you some very powerful, detailed information that improved my online marketing results by over 100% - ( incidentally, all I did was follow the exact wording and template in Automated Income Streams - I highly suggest you do the same)

Let's use this example, say you have a Stop Smoking eBook or course you were marketing - here's how your 5-part minicourse might look:

Part 1: 3 Easy, Safe and Painless Steps to Stop Smoking

Here - you outline 3 highlights from your information as an introductary lesson letting your prospects know you have the solution they want

Part 2: Hidden, Natural Way To Instantly Stop Cravings

You want to pick your market's leading challenge - and tell them "what" the solution is without giving them the complete details or the "how"

Part 3: A Little Known Secret That Will Stop Your Smoking

Long Term

In this lesson, you want to highlight one tip or technique that you have for addressing another pressing issue on the mind of your reader

Part 4: How To Prevent Failure - Increase Will Power

The fourth lesson, you can address an obstacle that typically gets in the way of your reader's success. Again - telling them "what" to do rather than exactly "how" will lead them back to your product.

Part 5: End-To-End Checklist For Ending Your Smoking

Here - you have another format for telling your market what to do - proving that you have the solution and leading them back to your product to understand exactly why.

Starting to get the idea of how powerful, persuasive and meaningful your own e mini course can be?

It's as easy as "stealing" the template - word-for-word, that Jimmy D Brown outlines in his masterpiece "Automated Income Streams" over at:

Go over and get a copy - it even comes with automatic reprint rights and a website you can use to market it - but the real value is in the template.


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