Are You A Web Wannabe?

Web marketers see it all of the time.

Companies of every size and description still have unrealistic expectations with online marketing.

Many can be described as web wannabees because they have no clear objectives for the Internet. There is also no vision or concept for being on the Web, other than a vague and urgent perception that "I've got to be on the Web now." This is the web wannabee syndrome and if unchecked it can be disastrous for a small business.

Ill-conceived, poorly-executed web sites have very little chance of success when there are so many sites being launched with an astute e-commerce strategy, good search engine optimization, aggressive promotion, attractive interactive tools and more. As a result, the web wannabee needs to shift thinking to a dynamic approach that is creative, innovative and strategically sound.

Any effective marketing strategy requires the deployment of a strong, mission-driven plan. And the Web is no different.

Here are some questions to ask:

1. What are my company's goals and expectations from the site? Direct sales? Customer service? Image building? This sounds simple but the answers can drive the site in entirely different directions conceptually.

2. Is my web budget realistic to achieve the goals I've established? It isn't enough to invest in a good design that is compelling, interesting and downloads fast. This is important, but funds should be allocated for effective, ongoing marketing and promotion, Without it, the site will die.

3. Am I willing to "stick it out?" The web site should evolve as marketing conditions and customer relationships develop. Success on the Web is often measured over an extended period of time. Overnight web success is elusive.

Geoff Caplan may be contacted at Geoff is a professional copywriter, e-commerce strategist and Internet marketing consultant with eleven years of continuous experience. His diversified background includes search engine marketing, e-commerce strategy and online public relations. He has lectured extensively on subjects related to online marketing and has worked for some of the Web's highest traffic brands, including eDiets and myTravelUSA.

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