How A 7 Year Old Boy Discovered The Secret To Niche Marketing Success

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I'm about to tell you a short story. If you believe me, you will be well rewarded. If you don't believe me; I will make it worth your while to change your mind?

Once upon a time... there was a top internet marketing guru who wanted to test if his student really knew the secret to his online marketing success.

Calling upon his student, he said,... "I have a new task for you. I want you to show me the one big secret behind my online success?"

The student, although a very good one... could not think of an appropriate answer right away, and asked his guru-mentor to give him three days to return with a fitting reply.

The guru agreed, but warned the student that any answer short of perfection would cause him to lose faith in the lucrative Joint Venture deal that was on the table.

The student went home and began researching the internet... the local library and his own personal collection of ebooks, in the hope of coming up with a suitable answer to his guru-mentor's question.

Two days later, he still hadn't found anything presentable.

As he sat in his study feeling totally dejected, his 7yr old son entered the room and asked "Daddy, why do you look so sad?"

"I am unable to find an answer to my guru's question... and, as a result, I may lose my chance of getting the biggest JV deal in the history of internet marketing. Which means no trip to Disney Land for all of us this year?"

"So what is the guru's question" his son asked.

"Oh son, it's much too complicated for you. Don't you worry your young head over it? Run along and play with your toys."

However, his son didn't give up so easy, and finally his father told him?

"The guru wants me to show him the one big secret... to his online success. I have read every ebook I've bought; every report I've ever downloaded and listened to all of the audio recordings on my hard drive? but still cannot come up with a suitable answer."

His son just smiled and cheekily replied, "Daddy, this is so simple. Call your guru and tell him that the answer to his question is so easy, that even a 7yr old can show him!"

The father looked at his son in disbelief, but his son simply backed up his words by saying, "Don't worry Daddy, I won't let you down."

Father, who was pretty much in a desperate situation by now, thought to himself, "Well, I have no other choice at this stage and placed all his hope on his small son's shoulders"

The next morning, they went to the internet marketing seminar... where they arranged to meet the hugely successful guru.

The guru asked once again, "Can you show me the one secret reason behind my online success?"

The student humbly replied, "This question is so simple that even my 7yr old son can answer it."

Totally surprised, the multi-millionaire guru turned to the young boy and said, "Ok young man! Can you show me the one secret reason behind my online success?"

The young boy replied, "Sure Mr. Guru. Can you bring me a large pot of milk?"

The guru was naturally surprised by the boy's request, but went along with it, none the less.

"Mr. Guru, is there any butter in this milk?" The boy asked.

The guru had to think for a short moment, and then replied, "Of course there's butter in the milk!"

"Can you show it to me?" asked the boy.

"Yes, but first we must churn the milk, then we'll be able to see the butter" replied the guru.

"Now that's exactly my point Mr. Guru" replied the boy. Therein lays the formula for your success. It's called CONSISTENCY."

"Without this winning formula of non-stop consistency, online success will always remain hidden from the eyes of every marketer, much in the same way butter is hidden within the milk - until it's churned."

After hearing this answer to his question, the guru was fully satisfied and entered into the biggest JV deal ever to me made between a guru and a newbie internet marketer.

So, the moral to this story is? Even if you are not seeing immediate monetary results through your marketing efforts, remember, you are sowing seeds that will grow and be harvested in the near future.

Remain consistent in your marketing efforts and you will receive all the success you desire.

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