Repetition: The Secret to Visibility and Attention!

Have you ever felt disappointment and dismay when trying a new marketing approach because it didn't generate the response you expected? If so, you are certainly not alone. Perhaps in our impatience and high hopes to succeed we've forgotten the old saying, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." In fact repetition is the secret to visibility and attention. Whether it's a sales letter, press release or copy in your direct mailings, the strategies you choose often take trial and error efforts to find the one that works best.

Getting Attention Requires Repetition!

Think about the many times you've seen something and considered its potential but did nothing about it. Then you saw it again and gave it another thought but you still didn't act upon it. And finally after the third time, you decided to give it a try. That's exactly how it works with any marketing material, press release, advertisement, article or sales letter. The people who receive or see your information need time to digest and ponder the idea of your product or service. The more they see it, the more inclined they'll be to buy. In fact, repetition helps to build trust, therefore repetitive promotion of your product or service should be viewed as an investment and not as wasted expenditure.

Are They Really Mistakes?

Unfortunately or fortunately depending upon how you look at it, being in any type of business requires experimentation either with time or money. No matter how many so-called experts we follow, sometimes an endeavor will work immediately yet at other times very little seems to happen. That is the nature of the beast, and for most legitimate business ventures it is a necessary evil. The interpretation of these trial and error efforts may be considered as mistakes, but rather than viewing your attempts as mistakes, why not perceive them for what they really are? They're opportunities to find what works and what doesn't. When you reflect on the great geniuses and inventors of our time and how many efforts it took for these amazing discoveries to come to fruition, you have to recognize you're in good company. These impressive geniuses kept trying until they hit on just the right niche or formula.

Believe in Your Product or Service!

As hard as it may seem at times, if you believe in your product or service you have to keep trying. When the article pulls visitors and finally draws tons of new clientele, the effort and attempts will be well worth it. And when the press release is acknowledged and you do start receiving many hits to your site you'll be glad for all your efforts. Remember, just because the article didn't get published today, doesn't mean it won't appear tomorrow. And just because the press release didn't bring you thousands of hits to your web site, doesn't mean it wasn't a good press release. It may just mean it needs another avenue for presentation.

Don't Stop Short of Success!

Did you know that it could take up to five or seven repeats of exposure before someone responds to your communication? Whether you're sending out introductory sales letters, or submitting a press release, often several tries are required before any acknowledgment is received. Just keep on going until you find the one method that works. Things may not always turn out exactly as you expected the first time around, but if your product or business has merit, repetition is the secret to visibility and attention.

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