Writing Your Own Entrepreneur Success Story

The world of entrepreneurship is a difficult one full of ups and downs. In order to rise about your struggles and survive amidst the headaches and heartaches, you will need to learn the key to entrepreneur success. Everyone has heard of famous entrepreneurs who have taken the internet by storm and pocketed millions in the process. Not every company will be the next eBay, Amazon.com, or Google, but the successful ones will have their story written. This article will deal with the keys to writing you own entrepreneur success story.

Entrepreneurs are hard working individuals dedicated to building their business from the ground up. Whether you are selling cookies in Colorado, furniture in Florida, or neckties in New York, the same business key points will apply. Individuals from all educational and economic backgrounds have gone to enjoy success in a variety of businesses based on the internet. Beginning an e-business will allow you a great amount of flexibility and the ability to work out of the comfort of your own home. If you have ever been interested in starting your own business but do not have the funds to incur the necessary start-up costs, consider an e-business. With an e-business, you will not have the same costly fees as with a traditional brick and mortar business since you the internet will become your storefront. If you are apprehensive of starting your own business, take a look at these entrepreneur success stories to get you in the mindset that anyone of any background can successfully start and run a business.

Durant Imboden left his life as a literary agent and freelance writer to enter the world of travel writing. Always having a passion for new places and friendly faces, Imboden decided to develop a website based on this travels to Europe for anyone interested in travelling to the "Old World." EuropeforVisitors.com immediately became a wildly successful resource for travellers all over the world. With over 3,500 original articles on every European destination imaginable, Imboden's website boasts over 300,000 visits each month. Through transferring his passion for writing and travel into a marketable web-based business, Imboden is an inspiration for entrepreneurs everywhere. Knowing he had to experience and technical know-how to launch a website of this stature, Imboden began his career working on sites that were never meant to be profitable. Refusing to sell advertising space, Imboden maintains a certain level of professionalism by refusing to sacrifice his brainchild for a buck. Making money solely from affiliate commissions, referral fees, and Google's AdSense text advertisements, Imboden shows it is completely possible to receive revenue from a website without stooping to selling space to annoying pop ups or potential scams. Imboden is more concerned about the quality of the website and its information than making money off his visitors. Quite often he sacrifices content for cash by publishing informative and interesting articles that have no potential money-making potential. Even though all aspects of his website do not generate revenue, he is by no means hurting for cash. Additionally, his dedication to provide quality information to his clientele has made EuropeforVisitor.com a tremendously popular travel resource. Keeping this high level of quality, Imboden is able to gain the trust of his clients, thus resulting in repeat customers.

Using Imboden's story, it is completely possible for entrepreneurs to develop a successful business without compromising their morals or integrity. Even though your business may make money, if you are doing so by scamming or tricking your clientele, not only will you lose any possibility of repeat customers, you will lose the trust and respect of your customers. The point of owning your own business is not to make money at all costs, but develop a business you are proud to be associated with and that provides you and your family with an income.

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