9 Secrets to Kick Your Internet Marketing Efforts into Overdrive

Let's face it, most of us know the basics of Internet Marketing or how to promote websites and products on the Internet. There are plenty of ebooks on the subject if you aren't familiar. In this article however, I want to give you 9 juicy secrets that I have discovered from my own Internet marketing experience.

These Internet marketing secrets are not a replacement of the basics of website promotion. You will want to use these 9 tips in addition to pay per click advertising, having an affiliate program for your website, offering a free newsletter, and search engine marketing.

Use these website promotion tips below and success will surely follow.

1. Add a valuable resource to your website that will attract your target market. A great example of this is my website GameSecretsExposed.com . My target market is people who play xbox, ps2, and gamecube video games. When I added a free game codes section I was able to attract more video gamers from the search engines. This technique not only gave me loads of traffic but it also kept people coming back to my website. The same could work for you by adding an article directory to your website or some sort of free tutorials pertaining to the market that you want to reach.

2. Write articles pertaining to the subject of your website or product and post them to various online article directories. This not only means that you will get hundreds of websites linking back to yours but you will also get the benefit of free traffic, a higher search engine ranking for various key terms, and more opportunities for people wanting to join your affiliate program.

3. Write an ebook and give it away with resale rights and or giveaway rights. Encourage your customers or newsletter subscribers to sell or give an ebook away with their own branded affiliate link to your website. Use this Internet marketing technique and your ebooks will eventually get passed around thousands of times.

4. Give out a website toolbar or piece of software that is a valuable resource to your website visitors. You can get a programmer to design a toolbar for your website or buy a toolbar creator program. Make the toolbar easy to update so that you can notify people of new resources or newsletter updates for your website. This one idea gives me 100s of repeat visitors a month.

5. Add a forum to your website. Create sections for topics that your visitors are interested in discussing. This will encourage repeat website visitors. Forums are also a great source for producing free content for your website which search engines love.

6. Go to PrWeb.com and write a simple Press Release describing the benefits of your website. When you write your Press release be sure to add relevant keywords in the title and body of the article. If your press release is properly optimized for search engines, you could get ranked high for various key terms. You may even attract news organizations who will want to publish an article on your website.

7. Contact news reporters to run a news story or review of your website or product. I got lucky a year ago when a reporter from the Universal Press Syndicate did a review on my GameSecretsExposed.com ebook. The review was a great source of web site traffic and brand awareness.

8. Get free viral traffic from ebay. Use tip #3 in this article and sell your ebooks with resale rights on Ebay. Make sure that you have links to your website included in the ebook. Eventually, you will get hundreds of other ebay sellers promoting your website for you.

9. Start a Blog. Go to Blogger.com or Blogspot.com and open a free account. List the blog for free at my.yahoo.com. Post your articles to your blog and encourage your website visitors to subscribe and read the latest news regarding your websites topic. This helps to attract the search engines and gets you repeat visitors to your website.

And there you have it. Use these 9 secrets and you will kick your Internet marketing efforts into overdrive.

2005 Cecil Anderson
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