Scared Of Creating Your Own Info Product?

Don't be scare off when you hear about product creation or the term 'product'. Basically a product can be almost anything you put together that pass on quality information, and contrary to what you may think, it can be created very easily once you know how.

An important element of a paid product is it must consist of information or resources that are not available elsewhere for free.

This is obvious if you're the intention of selling it, which is different from using it as a lead generator. I'd like to point out three important elements that will greatly increase your profits in the long run.

1) Use PDF to deliver the information. This is so even for software, simple place the download links in the PDF document. The reason is because PDF is a universal application that can be read by all computer users, plus it's faster and safer to download for the user.

You can find this free tool at

2) Build in viral marketing mechanisms into your PDF. Include your website URLs prominently and strive to build a targeted opt-in list at the same time.

A 'sneaky' way to do this without appearing overboard is to make good use of the header/footer sections when you're compiling your report in MS Word. For example, input a one to two lines classified ad in the footer instead of the usual copyright notices. Or add in your URL and make sure it's a live link. You should also have a short biography page with all your products and sites in there.

3) Include a affiliate links as part of the content. This can earn you automatic checks if used correctly. The key is, the affiliate links should NOT override the content, but rather they should only be recommended as useful resources.

The thing is you'll get truckload of sales especially if you're over-delivery on your product, and it's also an ingeniously powerful method of building a paid customer list on autopilot.

Look at the benefits you can achieve if you create your own product. Instead look forward to it, and I am sure you will be totally satisfy with your results once you have completed it.

Jaz Lai is an online business entrepreneur. He recently twisted the arms of 2 well-known internet marketers to share with you their secrets on "How Little Guys can level the playing field and complete with the Big Guys" - For more information on how to easily create your own product, click here

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