8 Myths About Online Marketing

These myths about online marketing. Seasoned marketers and beginners alike should think again what approach they should take when marketing online.

1. Hit = Sales

You got hits; is Not the same as you got sales! Generating traffic or hits to your websites is the priority for any online business. Conversion of hits into sales would be on top of that.

2. Great "Content" Creates Great Sales.

Creating a website with marvelous "content" has and still overwhelmed many online business. Great "Content" here refered to fantastic graphics, award winning designs and employing the latest state of the art technology. Very impressive. Impression is important on a website, no doubt, but an online business have to emphasize on the conversion rate into real sales. "Content" have and should be on the "Emotional" State of Selling.

3. Over Spending on Technology.

A successful Online marketing business is not all about technology. It is all on Selling. Concentrating on the marketing results in creation of sales.

4. 6 Billion people on the planet, 900 Million have access to the Internet.

The potential of the internet is ever growing. That is definite. Counting chickens does not equates to actual online activities; relevant activities. Relevant activities means conversion. And conversion to sales comes from qualifications, not quantity.

5. Banners are Great Sellers.

Banners were invented because they provide a convenient way for contents to make money, not because they worked. Ask this: When is the last time you personally clicked on a banner?

6. Content is King!

Especially big companies who spend huge funds to create everything possible with money can buy; believing that they are doing marketing. Remember the Dot.com days? Why they failed?

7. Mass Marketing Creates Conversion.

This spelling Spamming. Spamming is the end result of most mass marketing campaigns. Junk mails is the King of Spam, and it cost near to nothing. Email marketing would cease to function.

8. Top Ranking in SEO is the Key to Marketing Success.

Large number of people are flocking to use the search engines. One website is just a tiny needle in a haystack. Random visits to the search engines do not create volume traffic as one would suggest.

About the Author:

This is E K Gann. My aim here is to work together and help others starting business online. Especially beginners who are facing problems and difficulties getting resources, and those in need for Personal Developmen;in marketing, sales, self improvement, motivation and continue education.

More Resources available: http://www.atfirststeps.com

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