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This "little" test I ran was in dedication of Corey Rudl. He was always big into "test test test" and then tell someone about it. So here is one of my little tests that I ran and now I'm telling someone about it ;-)

Here is a nifty little tool that I have been using and testing on the sly lately with one of my lists and what I'm about to say may surprise you a little as it does tend to go against some of the teachings in the "Internet Marketing" industry.

When sending out an email to your mailing list when you place your P.S. it's generally you're hard hitting sale point. The one that gets them to "buy now" not just drift around and think about it only for it to be forgotten.

But what I have been testing is putting in a P.S. for a completely different niche all together. Generally one that is a bit more pricey but still something I think that a general audience would be overall interested in.

This way I'm not actually sending out a complete email advertisement for a completely different product in my email as such; cause that will generally make people jump off your list quicker then you can say "Jack Robinson" but rather its more of a suggestion after I have given them information they wanted and joined my list for in the first place.

I make it only a "small" suggestion, nothing lengthy and if they're interested they will follow through. I have made some rather nice affiliate sales using this method and without upsetting anyone on my mailing list!

Joanne King -

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