Dealing with Refund Requests ? Internet Marketing

I think we all cringe and dread when we open our mail box and see that dreaded "Refund Request" in the subject line. And I guess we dread it for a number of reasons.

1. We know that that person got the use of our product and didn't have to pay a cent for it (and it can be a disturbing thought but it does happen? some people are just habitual refunders)

2. Advertising isn't cheap and when you've paid to get that customer in it can feel like a beat around the head when you not only refund the money but it often incurs a fee for the refund purchase, so now you've just paid that customer to have your materials

3. Organizing a refund could be time spent better doing other things

The best thing you can do for yourself and your company is to keep a "cool head" about it. Getting all nancy about it even if it is a "habitual refunder" can do more damage for your name in the long run.

I'm sure we're all aware of the statistics of if someone has a bad experience with your business they will tell 11 people about it, if they have a pleasant experience they will only tell 3 people about it.

Well I think those numbers are a little higher on the internet. People have access to forums, emails, websites etc.. etc.. They will take neither pity nor a second thought to run off to these places and give your name a real bashing if you handle the refund request in an unprofessional manner. Once they head to these type places on the internet you can pretty much be assured they will be telling a LOT more then just 11 people. One bad review is all it takes to lose business.

Thankfully most people in the world are "decent" and won't take advantage of you or your company and sometimes the best mind set to have is believing they have a genuine reason for requesting the refund. And sometimes not all business is lost even if someone has "requested a refund", if you've dealt with it professionally and their motives for the refund were of good intentions (maybe that wasn't the product they were interested in) you could still stand a chance doing business with this person down the track with another offer of something that's more suited to them.

Joanne King -

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