My Wacky Test Marketing Experiment Succeeded

In a previous article I recounted engaging in a wacky piece of test marketing ? and now I'd like to provide you with a progress report.

I set up a temporary website with a sales pitch for a product which I had yet to create - and cheekily signed off with a visitor survey request instead of the customary options to purchase.

The questionnaire went like this?

1. Does the sales message tempt you to buy?
2. Would you download the product for evaluation?
3. Would you pay $... for the standard version?
4. Would you pay $... for the deluxe version?
5. Will you subscribe to my newsletter?

Simple but loaded questions coupled to a device for capturing opt-ins.

Did it work?

You betcha!

1. Within 72 hours of submission the web page zoomed to No.1 on Yahoo!, AltaVista and AllTheWeb with corresponding high positioning on Google, MSN, AOL, Ask Jeeves, etc.

2. Completed questionnaire forms flooded in supplying me with what I needed to know before pressing the button on production.

3. Both versions of my new product were generated in 24 hours and the website doctored to include ordering facilities.

Net result:

1. 43 pre-paid downloads on 60 days evaluation.

2. 459 new subscriptions to my newsletter.

So what have I learned from my wacky test marketing?

Just this:

1. Doing what you've always done before doesn't necessarily make it right because rules are there to be broken.

2. Listening to your intuition even when you think it is way off beam sometimes pays off.

You may view the fruits of my idiosyncrasy if you wish at the website featured in the resource box below.

Jim Green is an online enthusiast and bestselling author with an ever-growing string of traditionally published niche non-fiction hard copy titles to his credit. View his test marketing experiment at this website:

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