How To Let Your Customers Search For YOU! ? Part 3

Thank you for stopping by part 3 of the article series on 'How To Let Your Customers Search For YOU!' In this part I will teach you one more technique that is often overlooked, but will deliver tremendous results!

In the previous parts I have told you about posting at forums, giving honest advice, writing articles for forums and much more. Now we have come to the next big step to your allround recognition. Before I reveal this dirty little secret, I want you to subscribe for my online newsletter.

The newsletter is sent out once a week and contains high quality, pure original content. All the articles that are published in the newsletter are yours to use in your own business, as long as you keep the resource-box attached. The big benefit of being a subscriber is that I write articles and reports that are for subscribers only! You will get access to hot new downloads, free eBooks, free articles and much more! Please go here now, and subscribe!

Now I just told you about my newsletter, and that is just the little secret I wanted to tell you about. At this very moment you should have various articles written, ready to be published at forums and in E-Zines!

Do a search on Google for your keywords and 'newsletter', and contact all the website owners about your articles. Give them a little praise, to gain their attention, and attach your articles immidiately. To get them to read your email, only put praise in the subject line!

The reason why those emails are truly read is because every webmaster and publisher loves praise for his work, he finally gets the recognition he wants so bad! You can use that for your own benefit, and get them to publish your articles without hesitation.

When you have sent out the emails, do a search for related websites and article databases. Again email all the site owners with praise and your articles. If there is an only submission form, just use that form, but still email them with praise noting that you also submitted some articles in their database.

I urge you to keep a list of all the emails, websites and names you send emails to. Later on you can check everybody who responds. From there you can start building a list on where to get your articles published when you got more. You should utilize this list everytime you got two or three new articles.

To keep them a bit busy, and awaiting your upcoming articles, you should give them regular advice for their websites and business. You should also ask them if they need any other help from you. That why you build up a relationship with those publishers, and both can gain a lot out of it!

Dave Origano is a 24-years old, who enjoys life within the fullest extent of the word. He has discovered various techniques that helped him and thousands of his clients to obtain the life that is beyond their wildest dreams. Now it is time to stop struggling in your life, you are invited to make a decision now! Please click the following link to read more:

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