How To Let Your Customers Search For YOU! ? Part 1

Actually I love the techniques I will explain below. These methods made me an authority in my market. A lot of people know me, personally or from doing business, and they refer new customers to me.

The funny thing is that I don't have much time, and my clients are fighting for a minute of my valuable time. And that's the way I like it! Yes, my clients want me and only me to do their jobs. They will pay huge amounts of money to get advice or help from me.

Of course, you want that too, don't you?

Well here is what I did to claim my authority position in my market. These are just some simple strategies you could use, but when you're creative you can make an even bigger impact on your market. The more special and radical your techniques are, the more effect they have on the people you are aiming at. The people that are interested in your knowledge, and are ready to give you their money!

First I began by posting at a lot of forums. At forums, people from the same market gather to help eachother. Chat about the latest news in their field and ask questions about their jobs. That is a good begin, you can start right now by searching discussion forums about the subject of your knowledge. Don't provide answers and opinions only, though also throw in some questions on your own and get to know the members.

That way the most active posters will get a connection with you, and you can profit from them and their connections and knowledge. Not only that, but they will refer newbies and potential clients to you.

It may take quite a while before they really see you as an authority, but don't give up. Keep posting quality advice.

To give your influence a heavy boost, use another method I use! You are already in the middle of my marketing technique. You are, indeed, reading an article that I wrote. And how can you help and guide people better then with an article, jam-packed with information!

The moment you finished one of those articles, attach an 'about the author' section. Tell the members of the forums that they can use the articles for free at their own site, as long as they post that little section too.

With a link, and a persuasive copy in that section you will work wonders! Not only a growth in authority, backlinks, and traffic. But also an immidiate preselling method.

In the next part of this article I will post a few other techniques that you can use to build trust in your target market. Use the information wisely and with care, they are great for your business.

Dave Origano is a 24-years old, who enjoys life within the fullest extent of the word. He has discovered various techniques that helped him and thousands of his clients to obtain the life that is beyond their wildest dreams. Now it is time to stop struggling in your life, you are invited to make a decision now! Please click the following link to read more:

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