What Does It Take To Become An Internet Marketer?

I have heard many people say all it takes to make it in Internet Marketing is desire.

Well desire definitely plays a role in it. In fact it's the first thing you need in order to get started and if your reading this article then I'm assuming you must have some "desire" to get into it. (Internet Marketing)

But if you are at all serious about taking the opportunity to work from the comfort of your own home, to work when you choose (not by someone else's schedule) to take control of your income (instead of living on a salary where you work your butt off for someone else and Joe Blow beside you is earning the same wage as you, yet doing a half assed job meanwhile your picking up his slack)? and sorry for the dragged out (brackets) there *breathe in*.

Then? it's going to take a little more than desire to get you there. If I got everything I wanted simply by desiring it then I probably wouldn't have much respect or appreciation for what I got and I'm sure the world would be a shambles ;-)

With your desire you need a driving force to push you to action. Without action there will be no reaction (yes I know you've probably heard that saying a gazillion times). But honestly, how many times have you ever achieved something from simply desiring it? How many times have you got what you want without taking action?

Heck even if your goal is to win the lottery it can't happen unless you take the action to go put a lotto ticket in!

When I truly desire something, I look for a drive. What will push me to take action? Usually I find that drive through envisioning the end result. With marketing I knew that my income would be based upon my efforts, I knew that I could choose my work hours. I knew that I wouldn't have to slog it out in that 9 to 5 job everyday anymore. I knew that I could help others on a whole new different level. And I also knew that I could build a better life for my family.

That's when my desires lead to action! I knew rain hail or shine I was going to accomplish this! Did I fall flat on my face before I reached my goal? Heck yes! Several times? I got back up, dusted myself off and jumped back on the wagon.

Joanne King - http://www.joesy.com

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