Internet Marketing ? Have a Beer With Your Own Internet Marketing Consultant

Did you ever wish that you could sit at the feet of an Internet marketing master?

Would you like a true expert to cast an eye over your website and give you direct individual feedback? Internet marketing? Website design? Page layout? Adsense secrets? Revenue maximisation? Mailing list techniques and more - the list is limited only by your imagination.

Until a few days ago all of that would have seemed impossible - just too good to be true. But not now! Not anymore!

Last night, I spent half an hour deep in conversation with Joel Comm - a genuine expert on internet marketing, and the spin off benefits are already beginning to show on my website.

Joel Comm is a hero to many in the world of Internet sales and Internet marketing. He got started with computers and the Internet twenty years ago and has built up a substantial (and very profitable) empire ever since. Ten years ago he launched - a family friendly portal to the web that now gets many thousands of visitors every day. Lately, he's better known as the author of the book called: What Google Never Told You about Making Money With Adsense - the working bible for those who aim to make money from Google adverts on their website.

Until now, if you wanted Internet marketing help from Joel Comm you could read his Google Adsense book.

Until now, if you wanted Joel's help with Internet marketing you could subscribe to his newsletter or visit his website regularly.

But now ? gold mine! Now you can speak with Joel face to face and pick his Internet marketing brain in depth ? and, even better, on a truly one to one basis.

True to his past tendencies, Joel is again reinventing himself and launching off in a new direction - he has set up a specific Internet marketing consultancy. The details will be coming soon on his website. I was lucky enough to tap in at a very early stage after seeing details in his regular newsletter.

Here's how it worked:

I contacted Joel by email and told him that I was interested in a one to one consultation session. I paid his fee by Paypal and he got back to me within an hour or so with a simple questionnaire asking what topics I wanted to discuss. I gave him the details of my website and told him what I hoped to achieve with it. Joel visited the site and made notes prior to our talk - looking specifically at the points I had raised.

We consulted our schedules and worked out the best time to talk - nighttime for me in the UK, mid-afternoon for Joel in the USA. So, cold beer in hand, I sat down with a large sheet of paper and picked up the phone. Joel answered first ring and we were off on what - for me at least - was something of an adventure.

There are no rules. You're in charge of the conversation and can take it in any direction you wish. Ten discussion areas quickly or one in great depth - it's up to you. Joel's depth of knowledge allowed him to respond in depth to anything I could throw at him.

Thirty minutes later and my head was buzzing with ideas and full of fresh inspiration for driving my fledgling website to a new level.

We had spoken about Google Adsense layout and placement, about building traffic and the merits of the various toolkit packages available, about how and where to advertise to gain the most exposure and - finally - about where to go for help with website redesign or development.

I gained a dozen great tips but most of all I gained the confidence and the inspiration to push things forward.

Joel Comm may well be an Internet millionaire by now. I certainly won't be - but I'm going to have great fun trying!

Get in touch with him (or even buy Joel dessert if you feel happy with his work) ? I promise you won't regret a minute of it.

Dr Gordon Cameron is based in Edinburgh, Scotland. He's a specialist in whiplash injury and in lower back pain

His website contains a large volume of easy to read information for all those who suffer from joint pain, muscle pain, back pain and arthritis.

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