Bring Spirit Into Your Online Business

For people who have decided to strike out on their own entrepreneurial careers, the currency of choice for lasting and meaningful compensation?and the primary reason they left the "rat race" is?spiritual fulfillment.

Like fulfillment, the word 'spirituality' has a different meaning for different people, too.

I believe that spirituality is something we carry within ourselves. It is expressed, or "outwardly manifested," by our sense of self and our sense of respect for others.

To me it is not about "hairy fairy" nonsense or an outward display of how "spiritual" one is.

Objectively, spirituality embraces the theories, practices and social structures that answer the existential questions that arise out of the nature of being human "Who am I?" "What are I?" and "What is my purpose?"

Spirituality is not about converting you to a specific way of thinking. It is about your personal insights and experience, associated with your personal quest to discover your essence or "true identify."

The most effective way to keep yourself productive, motivated, and hell-bent on your success, is to make sure that you're feeding your spirit along with your bank account.

Fundamental Human Values:

According to India's spiritual leader, Sathya Sai Baba, concern for well-being, responsibility, love, truth, and inner peace provide the foundation to every major spiritual tradition, from organized mainstream religion to splinter sects.

William C. Miller, Co-Founder, of the Global Dharma Center, agrees, but also finds that "spirituality" is just as ubiquitous in the workplace. Miller says the fundamental human values that are found in all ancient spiritual traditions are perfectly mirrored in the fundamental business values of our contemporary world.

A healthy dose of spirituality and meaning at the workplace is good for business because it improves morale and productivity.

Here's his view of how you can fold spirituality into your daily business dealings:

? Concern for well-being - motivates great service
? Responsibility - fosters quality and integrity
? Caring - stimulates collaboration
? Truthfulness - fosters honest relationships
? Inner peace - fosters wise decisions

With so many people working longer hours and for more years, there is a greater need for them to incorporate the spiritual aspects of their lives into their jobs.

Just as faith provides a balm to living with problems in the new millennium, it also supports our efforts to cope with stresses of being 21st Century entrepreneurs. That makes Miller's pairing of spiritual goals with business goals so powerful.

Although no one would deny the benefits of a technology-driven information age, its profoundly de-humanizing effect can't be ignored. Add to that a sense of instability as a result of global upheaval and economic unrest, and it's no wonder that declining professional satisfaction and increasing incidents of depression and burnout are rampant among even the most committed business owners.

To combat these feelings of stress and alienation, it's important to create meaning and purpose in your work?in other words, an environment that provides spiritual fulfillment along with your "paycheck." It would be true if you worked for a huge corporation, a medium-sized company, or a small home office, as many of us do. And it's especially true if you're a small business owner with a "mom 'n' pop shop."

To keep your competitive edge sharp, it's in your best interest to find a reward that feeds your spirit as well as your spouse, kids, and dog.

Copyright 2005 Mal Keenan

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