3 Ways In Which You Can Kick Butt With Low Cost Advertising

If you are new to the Internet Marketing arena, or have a limited advertising budget, it must be hard to see where you go to get the success you crave. But it is within your grasp, if you only knew it.

If you fall into either group mentioned above (or even if you don't), there are 3 simple no cost or low cost strategies that you can employ to help kick start your Internet business.

1. The Correct Use of Safelists to Help Build Your List

Safelists are frowned upon in many Internet Marketing circles, as being old, tired or just plain too hard to operate.

But those that say this are sadly mistaken, and are missing out on one of the easiest and cheapest sources of lead generation on the internet today.

? Yes they can be time consuming to set up

? Yes there are some maintenance issues.

But once set and with the right tools (which are inexpensive), I can send my messages to my safelists in less than 5 minutes.

The key is in what you are promoting, and how you do it.

If you try and sell directly with Safelists, then you will struggle. Safelists are not the correct medium in which to sell ebooks or anything like that. Remember that in the most part, people who see Safelist ads, are similar to you. They are trying to sell.

If you send your messages by hand, then you will struggle. You must have the right tools.

What you must also do is:-

? Advertise a program that has a free signup option. This is critical. The more that people have to think about this in the early stages, the less likely that they will do what you want. It has to be a no brainer.

? Keep the Headline short and snappy. Your viewers have the width of their email box to read your message. If it's too long, it's gone!

? When they sign up, follow up. Send your prospects a welcome message and offer to help. Do not try and sell anything. You are gaining trust and offering advice and assistance. Sales will follow, but you must be patient and genuine.

2. FFA Advertising, Can Deliver Great Results - If You Do it Right!

There is a trick to FFA advertising.

Gone are the days when you could send your Ad to a FFA page and expect to have it read.

What you have to do is host your OWN FFA page!

The way it works is simple. People advertise on YOUR page, in return for receiving a confirmation message from you.

It's called reverse marketing, and if you choose the right programs to host your site with, you will get GREAT results. I use some programs that can generate multiple sign ups a week.

But, read the section above on Safelists. The same rules apply here with respect to the message you send out, as they do there.

3. Dismiss Surf For Credit Programs - At Your Peril.

Surfing for credits can be a tiresome and soul destroying business, if you don't go about it in the right way.

However, if you are short of advertising budget, and have a killer web site - you can truly kick butt with Surf for Credit programs.

Just choose the right tools and you will get results.

With the best Surf for Credit programs, you can get build organisations using this method.

? Use a fresh, lively, eye catching website. If need be, create your own.

? Have a sign-up form visible.

? You have seconds to make an impression. Make them count!

You don't need shed loads of cash to get your business started on the Internet. If you are willing to invest your time, you can begin to see great results using no cost and low cost methods.

Charlie Cory is the CEO of Magical Internet Marketing. This is a viral marketing system that Charlie developed to help members of his organisation achieve the same success that he did.

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