Online Network Marketing 101A - Basic Must Steps to Follow to be a Successful Marketer

This guide is for people who know what network marketing is but still in need of a "boost" to start either because they are lost and not know what to do or they have a really bad mentor. If you feel that this reading is not for you, you are very welcome to view my other articles.

If you are new to network marketing and you are lost and not knowing what to do, do not worry. I have been in your spot before, most of us have been. We read hundreds of pages of guide written by the so called network marketing guru and yet we still don't earn the profit that they are earning.

If you have a pen right in front of you, write down these bulleted steps (do not copy and paste; writing has a more significant effects to the brain). I will talk more about each point in this article and my next one.

o Get the right mentor
o Decide on the right advertising method for you.
o Take Action!
o Learn
o Practice
o Be Creative
o Take Action!

1. Get the right mentor.

I have been in the marketing industry for a couple of year and I do know how important it is to have the right mentor. Just like a toddler learning how to walk, you will need someone to guide you. If you think you can do well, in your business without a mentor, you are wrong. I am able to be reach my current stage in my business is all because of what my mentor taught me.

If you are really new and have not join any network marketing company, make sure you join a company that provides you with a proper mentor!
Not only mentor can tell you what you should do, he/she can also be a motivational factor in your business.

After you are sure that you got yourself an understanding, knowledgeable and helpful mentor, it is time to proceed to the next step: Deciding on the right advertising method for you.

2. Decide on the right advertising method for you.

There are TOO MANY advertising styles out there. If you are new to advertising, you will get confused and you will be overwhelmed. One method of advertisement may be more effective compared to another but then again its effectiveness fully relies on individual usage of it.

Take some quiet time to decide on advertising method. It doesn't matter whichever one it is for now. Eventually, on the right time, not too long I hope, you will find one that best fits you.

When you have decided on one, you can proceed to the next step: "Take Action".

3. Take Action

This is something that needs to be reminded over and over again. When you are lost, one of the most effective methods to get a jump start is to TAKE ACTION! Once you start acting, many things around you will not be overwhelming anymore. That is to say: you are not lost anymore! When you take action, your act will lead to another act done by your prospect. This in turn will cause you to take MORE action.

The key that trigger this whole process is your first act! Your first act is the spark that will cause you to feel the warmness of SUCCESS!

Let's compile what we have learnt so far.

After finding the right mentor, discuss together with him/her to find out which advertising method is best for you. Once it is decided, you MUST start taking action!

Always remember that you are the key that will trigger your success. Without you taking any action, you will not experience a single tiny weenie bit of how it feels to be successful and you will be walking with another failure in life (we got a lot of those, and enough is enough, no?) So start taking action!

In my next article we will learn about the importance of: "Learning, Practicing and Being Creative". I will see you there. Cheers!

Working together with you towards financial freedom,

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